About Slovenia

What makes Slovenia such a perfect holiday destination?

In terms of geography and climate, Slovenia is among the most diverse places on the planet. Covering an area of only 20,273 km², this pocket-sized country is divided into four main regions: the mountains stretching over its north and northwest, broad wooded lowlands and plains to the southeast and east, and the sunlit Karst to the southwest. 

The landscape is a colourful fusion of rolling hills, snow-covered mountains, hidden gorges, pristine lakes, waterfalls and rivers, lush forests, fascinating caves... the list goes on. 

These amazing attributes make Slovenia’s countryside perfect for outdoor activities of every kind.
River Soča
One of the bridges in Ljubljana
History & Culture
Located on the crossroads of Europe, where West meets East and both meet South, Slovenia’s diversity also resonates very strongly with its population of just over 2 million and can be felt on every step. 

Influenced by an exceptionally long list of cultures stretching back to prehistoric times, Slovenia is steeped in tradition, with practically every village adding its unique character to the mosaic of the country’s enviable cultural heritage. 

When you’re not exploring the wild outdoors, your Slovenian holiday should definitely include visiting the country’s numerous castles, churches, monasteries, museums, galleries and other places of culture that preserve so well our past, celebrate our present and envision our future.
Slovenes or Slovenians, are a friendly, hospitable bunch of subalpine Slavs with a gene pool as diverse as their natural and cultural heritage. Slovenians are a humble and hospitable yet very driven, hard-working tribe with a great love for life, a sense of humour, and the unreserved willingness to lend a helping hand. 

They are a very sporty nation, which is evident from the multitude of outdoor activities performed and an unbelievably long list of sports achievements in both winter and summer disciplines. Besides a bunch of incredible athletes, Slovenia has also produced hundreds of famous scientists, inventors, artists, architects, authors, chefs and other prominent citizens. 
Not bad for a country of two million, right?
People in Slovenia
Photo holidays in Piran
Towns & Villages
Slovenia doesn’t have huge metropolises. In fact, the capital city of Ljubljana is the biggest, with a population of only 280,000. However, every town is very unique and definitely worth a stroll around. 

The blend of various types of architecture, from baroque to modern, give Slovenia’s towns soul and character. Villages dotting the countryside are as colourful as their surroundings. 

Most places around Slovenia greet you with a healthy mixture of traditional and modernity. Riversides and streets are lined with lovely cafes and restaurants. Town centres have plenty of modern shops, marketplaces, and offer services of every kind.
Finding a nice place to stay in Slovenia is easy. There are plenty of accessible, comfortable hotels in both urban and rural areas, equipped with all the modern facilities. Accommodations also come in various other forms. 

Camping and its luxurious variant glamping are excellent for those who want to spend their holiday in Slovenia’s wonderful natural environment. 

Located in idyllic countryside locations, many tourist farms offer lodgings as well as tasty local cuisine. For those who like to venture high in the mountains, mountain huts serve as unique overnight stays with surreal panorama.
Accommodation in Slovenia

What to do in Slovenia?

Sports & Activities
Blessed with such natural splendour, it is not surprising that Slovenia is an extremely sporty nation. Possibilities for outdoor recreation are limitless, and our holiday packages include a wide variety of active and adventure holidays where you can experience that side of Slovenia to the fullest.

Thanks to its hilly and mountainous landscape, Slovenia is a hiker’s paradise. Walking holidays take you to the most picturesque parts of the country, including the unspoilt nature of Triglav National Park in Slovenia’s Julian Alps. Breathe in the fresh air, meet other travellers and discover the hidden gems of numerous awe-inspiring valleys, plateaus and pastures up in the highlands.

A faster and unique way of discovering Slovenia is by bike. Our exciting cycling holidays include easy family-style trips to adrenaline rides for professionals, all accompanied by exceptional views and a range of interesting locations.

The enormous network of pristine rivers and lakes offers a rich selection of water sports. From white-water rafting down the Soča and Sava Rivers, to kayaking in the capital or SUP holidays on the magical lakes Bled and Bohinj or the Adriatic Sea, the diversity of water sports is indeed amazing. For fishing enthusiasts, Slovenia’s rivers and lakes present a perfect opportunity to enjoy the wilderness while reeling in some amazing fish.

Slovenia also has an amazing subterranean world. The famous Postojna Cave is a true marvel of nature, as are other less known underground locations where you can go caving. Another fantastic experience to be had in the grand outdoors is canyoning. Steep gorges off the beaten path with emerald pools and hidden passages are waiting to be explored.

Back aboveground, adrenaline junkies can test their skills at numerous adventure parks with ziplining, climbing and jumping, all performed in the most breath-taking surroundings. There are even exciting yet safe activities such as bear watching, where you can come face-to-face with Slovenia’s gorgeous wildlife.

In wintertime, the mountains of Slovenia are transformed into a snowy wonderland. Uncrowded ski resorts set in the most amazing locations guarantee the best skiing for all levels and ages. Ski touring, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in fairy-tale surroundings promise unforgettable adventures, while après skiing activities in towns like Bled, Kranjska Gora and even the capital Ljubljana will keep you entertained throughout your winter holiday.

Desert on a dark black plate
Whether you’re an avid foodie or not, Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the tastiest countries you’ll ever visit. It might not be as famous for its culinary specialties as Italy or France, but Slovenians place enormous emphasis on eating well and it shows. There are hundreds of local dishes which will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Restaurants, open markets and tourist farms are a huge part of Slovenian culture and offer exquisite delights. And nothing goes better with a scrumptious meal than the most prized beverage in Slovenia – wine. It’s a national hobby that produces some of the highest quality wines in the world. Wine tastings in Ljubljana and Bled will introduce you to the very best products Slovenian winemakers have in store.

Getting to Slovenia

Travelling to Slovenia by plane is the most convenient way of reaching this wonderful holiday destination. The international airport is located only thirty minutes from the capital city of Ljubljana. Besides direct daily flights to and from many European cities, low-cost flight providers EasyJet and Wizz Air fly from Slovenia’s main international airport Jože Pučnik to London and Brussels. Shuttles and taxis will take from and to the airport for a very reasonable price.

You can also fly to a nearby airport in the vicinity and access Slovenia from there by bus, train or rental car:
Zagreb airport, Croatia (ZAG) – 150 km, 1.5 h car drive
Venice airport, Italy (VCE) – 230 km, 2.5 h car drive
Vienna airport, Austria (VIE) – 390 km, 4 h car drive
Munich airport, Germany (MUC) – 430 km, 4.5 h car drive

The best and most affordable providers are Flixbus and Nomago. Their coaches take you from and to a long list of European cities and Slovenian towns.
The most optimal way of traveling to and around Slovenia is by using its modern system of motorways and regional roads. Clearly signposted and well-maintained, Slovenian roads, even the local narrower and winding ones, are pleasant to drive down. Renting a car is also very convenient, as there are numerous car-rental services in most major towns. Motorways, however, do require mandatory vignette stickers (if you rent a car, a vignette is provided).

Getting around Slovenia

Travelling around Slovenia is a piece of cake. The country is very small and driving conditions are excellent (good roads, relatively low traffic). 

The easiest means is of course by car, but local public transport (bus, train) is well-organized, accessible, affordable, and will certainly take you to where you want to be. If you’re vacationing in Slovenia and would like to explore the country day-by-day, 

Day Trips are the ultimate way of seeing all the main sights and offer extremely reliable transfer options. As for the healthiest method of discovering Slovenia… that of course is still a good old fashioned cycling holiday.

Getting around Slovenia

Practical Information

Currency & Payments
The Slovenian currency is the Euro. ATMs are widely available, and credit as well as debit cards are accepted by most businesses and establishments throughout the country. However, be sure to carry some cash with you just in case.
The official language is Slovenian, however, most people in Slovenia, especially the younger generation, are fluent in English, and some even speak several foreign languages, which means communicating is easy and straightforward.
Central European Time GMT + 1, 
in summer GMT + 2
Slovenia is the 8th safest country in the world. In other words: completely safe to visit. Crime rates are exceptionally low, with the already small number of violent crimes in steep decline. The only potential problems for tourists in Slovenia are caused by pickpockets, car break-ins and theft, including rip-offs by local taxi drivers. Whether traveling alone, with friends or as a family, holidaying in Slovenia comes 
at a very low risk.
Generally, a visa is not needed for any stays shorter than 90 days, although some nationalities will need a valid EU Schengen visa. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your planned date of return. If you are not sure whether you need a visa, visit www.doyouneedvisa.com.
Units of measurement
Slovenia uses the metric system (metres, kilometres, grams, kilograms…) and temperature is expressed in degrees Celsius.
National Holidays in Slovenia

Here’s a list of work-free days which may affect working hours for shops, restaurants, museums, banks, transportation, etc:

1 and 2 January
8 February
12 April
23 April
27 April
1 and 2 May
25 June
15 August
31 October
1 November
25 December
26 December
New Year’s Day
Prešeren Day, the Slovenian Cultural Holiday
Easter Monday
Day of Uprising against Occupation
May Day Holiday
Statehood Day
Assumption Day
Reformation Day
All Saints Day
Independence and Unity Day

Top Attractions to put on your Slovenia Bucket List

Kranjska Gora
Novo mesto
The coast
Upper & Lower Carniola
Top Natural Landmarks
Lakes Bled & Bohinj
Vintgar Gorge
Pokljuka Plateau
Soča River
Logar Valley
Velika Planina
Postojna Cave
Triglav National Park
Škocjan Caves
Ljubljana Marshes
Bled Castle
Ljubljana Castle
Predjama (cave) Castle
Cultural attractions
Bled Island & the Church of the Assumption of Mary
Mercury Mine Idrija
Sečovlje Salt Pans
Kobarid Museum
National Gallery
Natural History Museum
Church of the Holy Trinity
Lipizzaner horses
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