Slovenia Holidays 2024

Majestic mountains, lakes and rivers, warm sea, mysterious caves, and interesting cities are just some of the many places that await you on your Slovenia holidays in 2023!
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Blog Published : December 7, 2021
Edited : September 28, 2023

If you’re thinking about traveling to the sunny side of the Alps for a well-deserved holiday to Slovenia in 2024, then you’re already on the right track. All you have to do now is decide on what you want to see and do while there.

Diversity of natural and cultural wonders

Famous the world over for its underground spectacle the Postojna Cave, and Lake Bled, a unique natural and cultural alpine wonder, Slovenia offers so much more than these two must-visit destinations.

Kamnik Savinja Alps in Jezersko
Kamnik Savinja Alps in Jezersko

Looking forward to a relaxing City Break? Ljubljana, Slovenia’s modern, pocket-sized capital, is brimming with sightseeing attractions and exciting activities that will keep you moving and leave a sweet taste in your mouth. This city is also a perfect base for exploring the rest of the country. As are Bled and Kranjska Gora, which offer tons of outdoor pastimes all-year-round.

Kranjska Gora town center
Kranjska Gora town center

Family holidays in Slovenia are a dream to organize and supply limitless possibilities for every age and preference. From chilling at the coast or exploring the magnificent mountainous countryside of Lake Bled and Kranjska Gora, to traveling around the entire country at your own pace and experiencing all the major highlights on your upcoming holiday in Slovenia 2024.

Family with Lipizzaner horse
Family with Lipizzaner horse

Tons of activities for anyone

In summer or winter, sun or snow, Slovenia never stops giving. Thanks to its exceptionally diverse character, packed with ample opportunities for hiking, cycling, rafting, climbing, and heaps of other awesome activities, longer stays come highly recommended. Simply pick a holiday package and let the adventures begin.

A wholesome Slovenia holiday in 2024 is fantastic because you get to sample everything that makes this country great, or you can do the same but adjust it completely to your rhythm with a little help from local professionals on a self-guided holiday. 

Couple enjoying their self-drive holiday
Couple enjoying their self-drive holiday

Slovenia truly is the place to be for anything sporty and adventurous. Pristine rivers and lakes, glorious mountains and forest-covered hills, winding country lanes, jaw-droppingly photogenic scenery and a long-standing tradition of using these phenomena to their utmost potential.

That’s why an adventure holiday in Slovenia 2024 might just be exactly what the body, heart and soul demand. In addition to enjoying Slovenia’s landmarks and the promises these hold by bike, car, or on foot, campervanning is yet another super fun option you should definitely consider. 

Raffting Soca
Raffting Soca

Taste that exquisite local dish. Mount that bike and climb that mountain. Swim in the Adriatic, paddleboard on Lake Bohinj, and raft down the emerald stunner which is the Soča River. Take your loved ones on a thrill-seeking ride in unspoilt nature or stroll along the cobble-stone riverside of the most beautiful capital in Europe. Get your ready for an unforgettable holiday in Slovenia 2024. It’s going to be a great year, spend it right!  

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