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Cycling tours in Romania – Discovering Transylvania

Tom Smith
Published: 19/05/2020
Updated: 19/05/2020

If you're looking for cycling tours in Romania, the area around the city of Brașov, in Transylvania, is perfect for exploring nature on a bicycle.

Being surrounded by mountains and having mount Tâmpa in the center of the city - if you ask us, Tâmpa is more like a forested hill, rather than a mountain - Brașov offers nature and cycling lovers a lot of possibilities to burn some calories while discovering the green forests and secret viewpoints overlooking the medieval city.

View over Brasov city from Crucea Mușicoiului, a nice meadow situated in Schei quarter
View over Brasov city from Crucea Mușicoiului, a nice meadow situated in Schei quarter

If you would like to visit Transylvania on the saddle, choosing the right guide and bike rental can be quite difficult. We booked the tours from these guys, which were super supportive and provided us with good quality eBikes for our escape. Also, Robert Lazar, our guide, was friendly and knowledgeable during both tours.

Our first day started easy, with a couple of sections of necessary push bike and continued with nice single trails, combined with forestry roads that suited our need for cross country cycling. We're not into risky technical sections, so we agreed to Robert's advice and followed him.

Cycling on a forestry road near Brașov
Cycling on a forestry road near Brașov

The scenery was fantastic, we couldn't believe there can be so much nature just minutes away from the bustling city streets of Brașov.

The next day we were taken to Viscri, a century old medieval Saxon village, situated just one and a half hours away from Brașov. We quickly got familiarized with our bikes - this time, full suspension eBikes - and started riding. In just a couple of minutes, we came across our first flock of sheep. We happened to see lots of them on our road trip through Romania but never before saw one from just meters away.

Sheep flock in Viscri
Sheep flock in Viscri

The single track we rode on was just what we were looking for. Gentle climbs and fast paced descents through the lush forests and green pastures.

Single trail around Viscri
Single trail around Viscri

We even encountered a friendly shepherd who let us taste some of the cheese he had made in that day. God, who needs energy gels when you got this delicious organic fresh cheese?

Back to Viscri, we visited the 13th century fortified church, a stunning construction that withstood the test of time. We recommend climbing the tower. Once up here, we completely forgot about our bikes; luckily, our guide arranged with the lovely lady from the entrance to keep an eye on them.

Viscri village seen from the church tower
Viscri village seen from the church tower

Once back at the car, Robert drove us back to Brașov and we enjoyed the rest of the day having a well-deserved beer and a fantastic meal in one of the many restaurants in the city center.

If you're looking for cycling tours in Romania, don't miss Brașov. Even if you're looking for road cycling tours, you still have a lot of quiet roads to ride on, through nice villages with friendly locals. For those seeking mountain bike tours in Romania, well, choose Transylvania, where the mountains are 🙂 And remember, choosing the right guides can make the difference between a holiday to remember and just another ride.

Ready for the time of your life?

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