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Tom Smith
Published: 17/04/2020
Updated: 13/05/2020

Are you planning on going to Bali for your vacation? Then it will be the best for you to book Private Bali day tours. You will need this service a lot, especially when it is the first time for you to be in the island. By booking it, you get to enjoy several things to explore the island of Bali with friendly experienced tour guide. These things will make your trip in Bali more exciting.

Sightsee Some Great Spots in Bali

When you look at Bali in a map, it may seem small and easy to access. However, this city has plenty of tourist attractions all tourists would like to visit. And, it is not easy to go to all of them. We will need a transportation, and there is nothing better than a private car complete with a driver or tour guide for that. We can simply sit and enjoy the view through the windows while the driver is taking us to our destination.

Visiting a temple in Bali
Bali temple

Choose Your Destination

Booking Private Bali day tours are a lot more efficient. By hiring our own driver or tour guide, we can determine our trip plan by ourselves. That means we can go to anywhere we like with a car. But, of course we cannot forget the hour contract we have agreed with. If you really have a lot of places to visit, then you must choose packages like 8 to 10 hours. Or you just simply choose the tour package that they have arranged.

Relax in the Car While Driving

Sometimes moving from one place to another is not easy to do since it will take a long time to get there even with a car. But, since you will have a driver or tour guide, there is no need for you to do the driving. You only need to sit back and relax in the car. You can also turn on the music and sing along with it. That will lift up the mood whenever you get bored.

Beautiful waterfall in Bali
One of the waterfalls in Bali

Get Some Information

There is a time when we want to ask something like places to eat or buy souvenirs. Or, you might also want to ask about a story behind a certain historical ruin. You do not have to bother yourself looking for someone else to get such information. You can ask about it from your guide right away. It is because most drivers or guides in Bali are quite knowledgeable. They can share the information you need.

Chit Chat with Driver

Besides asking them for information, you can also talk with them like they are your friends. Most drivers have the ability to speak in English. It should not be a problem for tourists to talk with them, especially when you are riding a car. That will be perfect to break your boredom while waiting to get arrive at your destination.

High cliff by the Bali coast
Cliff at Bali island

The points above are several things you can do with Private Bali day tours. Of course you might find some more things once you have used the service. All in all, traveling in Bali with your private driver or tour guide will make everything easier and more interesting. So what are you waiting for? Choose your trip and explore the beautiful island of Bali with or contact us directly by Phone/sms/WhatsApp/viber : +6282236260227.

Ready for the time of your life?

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