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Do you enjoy traveling as a single? Great! Slovenia is a fantastic, fear-free solo travel destination.

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Ivana Bole
Published: 01/04/2021
Updated: 12/04/2022

Traveling as a single can be incredibly fun, exciting, and even enlightening. Being on the road by yourself gives you a sense of freedom that can be both liberating and scary. To put your mind at ease on the scary part, Slovenia is a fantastic, fear-free solo travel destination.

The number one concern most solo travellers have is safety, and with Slovenia, you can throw that worry right out the window, too. Slovenia is the 8th safest country in the world. The local inhabitants are extremely friendly and helpful, and most speak very good English.

Summer views from Ljubljana Castle
Solo travel Slovenia

Besides communication, getting around Slovenia is super easy. Travel distances between places are short. Very short. This means you can reach most locations under two hours.   Road connectivity is excellent, rent-a-cars are affordable, and public transport is regular and swift. You can hop on a bus or train, book a shared transfer, or even better, book a holiday with us and we will take you everywhere!

Our country has among the greenest, cleanest, most diverse and beautiful natural environments in the world. It presents solo travellers to Slovenia with remarkable opportunities to enjoy a long list of outdoor activities. There are plenty of group tour holiday packages on offer where you can meet like-minded people and experience Slovenia exactly the way you want to.

Triglavska Bistrica in Vrata Valley
Solo travellers in Slovenia can join a small-group tour

Finding accommodations as a solo traveller to Slovenia is very straightforward. It is advisable to book a B&B or hotel, as some also offer single rooms. If you want to mingle with other solo travellers or groups, a hostel is always a good idea, and there are a number of cool ones scattered around Slovenia. The staff in these places are bound to supply you with useful inside knowledge and tips.

As far as food goes, you couldn’t have chosen a better destination. Slovenia is a foodie’s wet dream. There are so many amazing restaurants in cities and in rural areas that trying something local, international, or a mixture of both is a done deal.

Solo travel in Slovenia also comes with excellent photo ops. Given the type of travel, sharing selfies with your envious friends on social media is a must. It would therefore be utterly unfair not to present you with the top 5 selfie spots: Bled Castle with Lake Bled as a backdrop, the Ribja brv footbridge in the centre of Ljubljana, the Nebotičnik skyscraper, the marvel that is Predjama Castle, and of course the symbol of our lovely capital – the Dragon Bridge.

Girl holding a map next to Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana
Slovenia solo travel

But before you dash off to buy tickets, be sure to browse through our “Know Before You Go” section for some vital information that will turn your solo travel in Slovenia the best decision you make in 2021.

Safe and happy travels!

Ready for the time of your life?

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Ivana Bole
A passionate ambassador of Slovenia, who loves the outdoors, culture and travel. Her insatious curiosity equips her with all sorts of trivia and she loves to share local legends and stories. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make your trip to Slovenia a really special one.

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