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Slovenia Package Holidays

Publicado: 01/04/2021
Updated: 5/04/2021

We are not going to make a lengthy introduction about how amazing Slovenia is as a tourist destination, but shall instead disclose that fact by presenting the outstanding advantages of visiting our beautiful country with a holiday package that strikes your fancy.

Taking pictures of beautiful monastery in Piran

There is such a vast array of things to see and do in Slovenia that sometimes we need a break from all the planning. This post is one such break. It’s a lowdown of how easy it is to get exactly what you want from your holiday in Slovenia without the fuss. Meticulously devised itineraries packed with exciting experiences are up for grabs. From shorter breaks to longer stays. Here we go…

Slovenia is a perfect destination for short breathers with exciting activities    

Time is a luxury we can’t always afford. Or sometimes we just want to have a little nibble without needing to eat the whole cake. 3- to 5-day-long holidays in Slovenia are just what our peace of mind and traveller’s curiosity ordered.

Did you know you can explore some of Slovenia’s main destinations via thematically organized holiday packages? Well, you can, you should, and we’re sure you will. From active holidays that involve a list of different outdoor pastimes in Slovenia’s diverse countryside and vibrant urban areas, to food and wine holidays that merge sightseeing with gastronomical.

Vacaciones de comida y vino 3 días

Places like the alpine pearl of Bledel sports hub of Kranjska Gora, or the charming capital Ljubljana can be taken advantage of to the max within the scope of ciudad de descanso... style Slovenia tour packages. Besides active and cultural breathers, quick foodie breaks are an excellent choice any time of year. Thanks to the country’s modest size, short Slovenian vacation packages allow you to visit all the top destinations and get a taste for the whole place within a five-day timeframe. The best of Slovenia has never been more convenient while checking off every major attraction.    

Discovering the natural treasures of Slovenia on foot is something everyone must do. It’s the ultimate way of experiencing its unfathomably gorgeous mountains, valleys, forests, lakes and rivers. Walking holidays in the El lago Bled area or hiking along the emerald Soča River leaves an everlasting impression, as does hopping on a bike and hitting the best mountain biking single trails in Slovenia or taking a moderately challenging bike ride through the countryside.

Drežnica village hiking below mount krn

The middle way is usually the best way, and the same goes for Slovenian holiday packages

When short breaks are not enough, longer vacation packages in Slovenia take the cake. The countries unparalleled diversity definitely deserves an extended stay, and 7-8 days of experiencing Slovenia to the fullest is the way it’s done.

Slovene culture is magnificent. It’s colourful and permeates our society with a milliard of artforms, architectural gems, awesome events, etc. Glimpsing at it simply won’t do. Cultural holiday packages invite you to indulge in everything you could possibly imagine Slovenia has in store. The programmes vary yet all are fit for artisan royalty!

Ayuntamiento y calle en la Ciudad Vieja Tobljana

It would be unthinkable, nay, criminal, for Slovenian vacation packages not to be centred around outdoor activities. There are too many mountainous spectacles, open Karst spaces, endless vineyards and the Mediterranean coastline to explore. Walking holidays and their cycling holiday counterparts are essential for everyone who likes the sweet combo of nature and physical exercise. And if you thought Slovenia couldn’t be enjoyed (and absorbed) with a healthy dose of heart-racing adrenaline, you were certainly mistaken – adventure holidays are the new trendy wave you must ride as soon as possible.  

Rafting en aguas bravas Soca

Food and wine holidays may sound self-explanatory, but there is in fact so much more to them than meets the taste buds. The regions of Slovenia have exceptionally deep gastronomical traditions that fuse together culinary delicacies from different cultures and high-end wines with a history longer than any European country. Plus, you are sure to learn and witness tons of other amazing things while on such a scrumptious holiday as you travel throughout the country.    

Bonito plato de carne en un plato blanco con decoración

Take your time and set out on a dreamlike adventure on your next holiday to Slovenia

Speaking of travelling, Slovenia’s magnetic appeal tends to attract people for longer periods of time, and the most enjoyable means of vocational may come in slightly “unconventional” yet extremely addictive forms.

Slovenia travel packages that are particularly convenient and all-inclusive are self-guided holidays. These involve adapted itineraries that cover must-see highlights while the tourist is behind the wheel, often quite literally. You can spend 2 weeks or even longer (if extended) on the road in a hired car o cycling across the country’s (and into neighbouring ones’) most awe-inspiring regions, stopping off at numerous famous and hidden destinations. Everything is planned in advance, including booked accommodations and on-the-go support if needed.

Asian friends driving through Slovenia

Long self-guided walking holidays lead you into Slovenia’s pristine countryside and give you the unique opportunity of coming face-to-face with nature’s most spectacular marvels this side of the Alps. Slovenia’s epic locations can also be visited by caravana, an idyllically romantic version of a driving tour package. Then, last yet absolutely not least, are Balkan holiday packages. Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, with many of their cultural and natural heritage superstar destinations, can be explored in unbelievable detail on such leisurely travel packages.   

Campervan near Savica River in Bohinj

A holiday to a stunning place like Slovenia is one thing, but a grand assortment of tourist packages that cover every mood and taste is quite another. We believe the future of travel is just around the corner, and picking a package that suits you will bring you closer to the magic of Slovenia than never before possible.  

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