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¿Qué hacer en Eslovenia?

Publicado: 20/01/2021
Updated: 1/04/2021


Bendecida con tal esplendor natural, no es sorprendente que Eslovenia sea una nación extremadamente deportiva. Las posibilidades de recreación al aire libre son ilimitadas, y nuestros paquetes de vacaciones incluyen una amplia variedad de vacaciones activas y de aventura donde se puede experimentar ese lado de Eslovenia al máximo.


Thanks to its diverse landscape, Slovenia is truly a hiker’s paradise. From rolling hills, deep forests and majestic mountains, to vineyard covered slopes, the sunny coastline and stunning flatlands, our Walking Holidays take you to the most picturesque parts of the country.

A spectacular network of 10,000 km of marked hiking trails in and around the unspoilt glory of Triglav National Park in Slovenia’s Julian Alps offers avid hikers countless possibilities to explore challenging or easy routes amidst Europe’s most awe-inspiring natural environment.

Breathe in the fresh air, meet other hikers and discover the hidden gems of numerous scenic valleys, plateaus and pastures up in the highlands. Hiking culture is strong in Slovenia, and there’s always plenty of information available regarding where to go and how to get there. Hiking areas are very accessible and sprinkled all over the country.  


A fast and unique way of discovering Slovenia is by bike. Our exciting cycling holidays include easy family-style trips to adrenaline rides for professionals, all accompanied by exceptional views and a range of interesting locations.

Whether you venture on roads that cut through the pristine countryside, or head off-road for some mountain biking fun, you’ll find that cycling has a special place reserved in Slovenia. Motorists are used to cyclists invading certain parts of the country, traffic is usually quite light and the roads are well-maintained. As for dirt tracks and highland routes – the options are so varied and the surroundings so beautiful, you’ll be hooked instantaneously.

Longer cycling holidays make the most of Slovenia’s diverse landscape and are purposefully planned to take you to the most prized regions. You stop off at incredible sightseeing locations, taste the local food, all the while enjoying the thrills of this wonderful sport.


The enormous network of pristine rivers and lakes offers a rich selection of water sports. And when we say pristine, we really mean some of the cleanest waters in the world run through Slovenia (below and above ground), and the natural environment that surrounds them is breath-taking. The varied terrain and karst landscapes create the most fascinating waterways that wind through, over and in between truly unique rock formations, picturesque valleys and mysterious gorges, the likes of which you haven’t seen.  

From white-water rafting down the Soča and Sava Rivers, to kayaking in the capital or SUP holidays on the magical lakes Bled and Bohinj or the Adriatic Sea, the diversity of water sports is indeed amazing. Another fantastic experience to be had in the grand outdoors is canyoning. Steep gorges off the beaten path with emerald pools and hidden passages are waiting to be explored. For fishing enthusiasts, Slovenia’s rivers and lakes present a perfect opportunity to enjoy the wilderness while reeling in some amazing fish.

Whichever water sport you choose, we make sure you do so safely in the company of trusted professionals. Expectations and level of preparedness are always taken into account and the locations are picked based on experience and the incredible possibilities they offer. You learn new tricks, witness an unforgettable amount of pure wilderness and still have time to relax and take in all that Slovenia’s rivers, lakes and the sea have to offer.  


Slovenia also has an amazing subterranean world. The famous Postojna Cave is a true marvel of nature that put our country on the caving map centuries ago. But underground wonders, like the UNESCO-protected Škocjan Caves and 21 other tourist caves, are more than worth venturing into.  

With over 10,000 karst caves in Slovenia, the caving tradition runs deep (pun intended), and we take you to the best ones. Geared up and escorted by professional cavers, you get to explore the fascinating world of dripstones, secret passages, cool underground streams, natural bridges, and encounter the peculiar wildlife that lives below.

You can opt for more extreme caving that include abseiling down enticing rock formations, easy descents along narrow tunnels, as well as black water kayaking and even biking through abandoned mines. Caving is yet another typical Slovene activity any visitor should try at least once!


Back aboveground, adrenaline junkies can test their skills at numerous adventure parks with zip lining, climbing and jumping, all performed in the most breath-taking surroundings.

From the longest zip lining experience over the stunning Dolinka River, an adventure park dedicated to kids in a fantastic location above Lake Bled, to more heart-racing stunts near Bovec and the Soča River, including crazy fun activities like ‘monster rolling’ and gravity-defying stunts for all generations under the Kanin mountain.

Due to the country’s phenomenal natural conditions, the tradition of adventure parks in Slovenia is growing at an unprecedented rate. Take a ride, jump the line, climb, swing and enjoy yourself to the max in places you wouldn’t believe exist!


There are even exciting (yet completely safe) activities such as bear watching, where you can come face-to-face with Slovenia’s gorgeous wildlife.

Following an expert into one of Slovenia’s dense enchanting forests, you learn a great deal about the brown bear’s habitat. Reaching a wooden observation post, you observe various forest animals going about their daily lives. Among these is also the gracious bear.

Oso pardo de pie

Bear watching is a unique experience that not only allows you to come face-to-face with one of nature’s most misunderstood gentle giants, but also enjoy the tranquil surrounding of Europe’s most unspoilt natural environments.


In wintertime, the mountains of Slovenia are transformed into a snowy wonderland. There are numerous high mountain plateaus, snow-covered valleys and ravines that will simply blow your minds. Skiing in all its forms is among the most popular outdoor activities in Slovenia. Every generation and type of skier hit the slopes from early December right up to April. Thanks to the country’s varied terrain and a multitude of ski-friendly areas stretching across the Alpine range in the north to the Pohorje Hills near the city of Maribor to the east, the options for taking part in exciting winter activities are virtually limitless.

Uncrowded ski resorts set in the most amazing locations guarantee the best skiing for all levels and ages. Ski touring, cross-country skiing, sledging, snowboarding and snowshoeing in fairy-tale surroundings promise unforgettable adventures, while après skiing activities in towns like Bled, Kranjska Gora and even the capital Ljubljana will keep you entertained throughout your winter holiday.

*You can find even more activity options at our trusted partner SLOVENIA ACTIVITIES.


Whether you’re an avid foodie or not, Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the tastiest countries you’ll ever visit. It might not be as famous for its culinary specialties as Italy or France, but Slovenians place enormous emphasis on eating well and it shows. There are hundreds of local dishes which will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Restaurants, open markets and tourist farms are a huge part of Slovenian culture and offer exquisite delights. And nothing goes better with a scrumptious meal than the most prized beverage in Slovenia – wine. It’s a national hobby that produces some of the highest quality wines in the world. Wine tastings in Ljubljana and Bled will introduce you to the very best products Slovenian winemakers have in store.

Food restrictions:

Slovenian restaurants are modern culinary venues that follow all the necessary guidelines. Most menus offer excellent vegetarian and vegan options and warn guests of any coeliac restrictions. However, certain tourist farms and rural restaurants do not always offer vegan food, so do make sure to inquire before booking or ask your local guide. 

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