Centro de la ciudad de Ljubljana

Slovenia’s capital is one of the smallest in Europe, but undeniably the most beautiful. This vibrant subalpine treasure has all the perks of a modern city and the laidback character of a small town. Declared the European Commission’s Green Capital of Europe in 2016, Ljubljana’s centre is restricted to traffic, which makes strolling down its cobbled streets and sightseeing incredibly enjoyable.

El histórico casco antiguo de Ljubljana
The Old Town is adorned by Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture, including the stunning creations by the internationally acclaimed architect Jože Plečnik, who embellished the city centre with the Triple Bridge, a covered riverside marketplace and even pyramids. Ljubljana is steeped with history stretching back to Roman times. Its strategic trading position has contributed to the city’s colourful diversity for centuries and continues to inspire everyone who visits. Ljubljana is sure to enchant you with its rich cultural heritage, lively nightlife and friendly locals.

Prešeren Square
Main square of Ljubljana and one of the capital’s symbols. It’s named after Slovenia’s greatest romantic poet, France Prešeren, the statue of whom has been erected near the square’s famous Triple Bridge, designed by world-renowned architect Jože Plečnik. The landmark was an inventive idea by the genius architect who made plans for it after the old bridge had become overburdened with traffic.

Congress Square
One of the largest squares in Ljubljana, the Congress Square is a popular venue for large outdoor events and has been the location of many important gatherings throughout Ljubljana’s history, including political rallies, national celebrations and demonstrations. Next to the square is the famous park Zvezda (Star) where numerous Archaeological findings from the Roman period have been found. Including those of Emona, a Roman castrum. At the end of the square stand the administrative building of the University of Ljubljana and the ancient Philharmonic Hall.

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