Valle de los Lagos de Triglav

This exceptionally scenic and diverse terrain extends eight kilometres across the highlands between Trenta and Bohinj. Also called the Seven Lakes Valley, this unbelievably beautiful landscape is home to lush alpine vegetation, indigenous animals and numerous typical karst formations. This high mountain valley is certainly among the most captivating parts of the Julian Alps in Slovenia and indeed the Alps in general. It’s even depicted in Slovenia’s coat of arms as the two wavy lines under Mt. Triglav.

A hiking tour of the Valley leads across a network of trails along spellbinding mountain pastures with shepherd’s cottages, through peaceful forested areas, clearings covered with alpine flowers with stunning views of the Lower Bohinj mountain range. The Triglav Lakes Valley is located in the Triglav National Park, which means all its natural phenomena are strictly protected. The seven glacial lakes have their unique character, vegetation and wildlife and are incredibly photogenic locations due to their unspoilt environment. There are also authentic two mountain lodges in the Triglav Lakes Valley. These hiker’s heavens may be accessed from Bohinj over the Komna Plateau, from Bohinj over the Komarča from the Blato Pasture, from Trenta and over the Trebiščina Pasture.

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