Hiking in Julian Alps Self-guided Holidays

An unforgettable journey into the untamed Alpine wilderness.


7 nights / 8 days
Moderate to challenging
  •   An outstanding hiking adventure in the heart of the Julian Alps.  
  •   An adventure that takes you from Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj with sensational scenes in between.
  •   The traditional Slovene hut-to-hut experience with local cuisine, panoramic views, and good old fashioned hiking fun.
  •   An intermediate daily hike to numerous stunning locations with the possibility of extra challenges for the most diehard hikers.
  • A carefree pre-planned walking holiday that will leave a lifelong impression.


Attention hiking enthusiasts! The Julian Alps are up for the taking. This Self-Guided Walking Holiday combines the very best locations and the hiking trails that lead you there. We have assembled a list of must-visit places in Slovenia’s magical Triglav National Park that you can travel to at your own steam in the most up-close-and-personal manner – on foot. Witness remarkably stunning views, encounter local wildlife and people, taste traditional Alpine food, and experience first-hand the joys of walking in our country’s stunning Alps. 

The best perk of this type of holiday is that you have the complete freedom of hiking in the mountains with a pre-planned itinerary that includes all the main highlights and more. You do not have to worry about logistics, since we drive you to every basecamp from where you then explore the surrounding area. Each day promises a new adventure in a different part of this amazing region. The hiking trails themselves are of an intermediate level, so expect a reasonable amount of effort, but they are certainly suitable for most amateur hikers with a decent physical condition. Nothing too strenuous and extremely rewarding.

There is nothing more traditional in the Slovenian mountains than hut-to-hut hiking. This involves walking through scenic valleys and gorgeous forests, along emerald rivers in mysterious gorges and up to high mountain pastures amid towering mountains, with overnight stay at mountain huts in the most sublime locations. Every hut has the basic amenities, warm tasty food, and panoramic views that will take your breath away. Your Alpine pilgrimage takes you over the hills from one incredible glacial lake to another. The area between Lake Bled and its larger counterpart, Lake Bohinj, is simply out of this world. Four full days of hiking await and the rest will be spent exploring the amazing areas around the mentioned lakes, where extra outdoor activities are always available and come highly recommended. In short, a perfect combination of relaxation and active hiking.   

We will provide you with all the necessary information, including what hiking gear (quality hiking shoes, enough change of clothes, etc.) to pack, where the best places to eat are and of course how to navigate your way down the hiking trails. Our support team will come and pick you up at the end of each leg of your journey and will be on constant standby in the event you need any additional help. Your accommodations will also be taken care of, allowing you to focus solely on exploring this surreally beautiful environment.   

For a more detailed insight into what fantastic things to expect on your Self-Guided Walking Holiday, please browse the itinerary below.

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Tour safe from Covid-19
No-risk cancellation policy with 100% money-back guarantee. 

Included in price

Personalized itinerary and route guide
7 nights accommodation with breakfast
Transfers as per itinerary
Transfer of your luggage from Bled to Bohinj
Tourist tax

Optional extra charge

Airport transfer
Entrance fees
Mountaineering equipment rental



Arriving at Bled already gives you a glimpse into the wonderful mountainous world you will soon be entering on foot. A member of our team will fill you in on your holiday information and answer any additional questions. If you arrive at Bled early, we suggest you take a stroll around the famous lake and breathe in the fresh alpine air that will be your constant companion throughout the days ahead.   

Overnight stay in Bled
Meet & greet in Bled
Optional extra charge
Airport transfer
Optional extras:
Pletna boat ride
Row boat rental
Bled Bike tour
Paddle board rental
Dolinka zipline
Horse riding
Adrenaline park
Bled food tour
Wine tasting

Your first day of hiking is here. It will be spent exploring Slovenia’s most prized tourist attraction, Lake Bled, and its surroundings. It’s where history and natural splendour join forces to create a fairy-tale: A castle on a cliff, a church on an island, and the lovely mountainous backdrops, to list just a few. You will visit the nearby Vintgar Gorge and stroll among its fascinating rock formations, visit Slovenia’s oldest castle overlooking Lake Bled and/or hike up to the Ojstrica Hill for some panoramic views of Lake Bled and beyond.

Overnight stay in Bled
Optional extras:
Entrance fee
Bled Castle
Vintgar Gorge

Day three and another special destination: Pokljuka. It’s a wonderful forested high mountain plateau, famous for grazing cattle, sports of all kinds, and a tranquil environment. We drop you off and you venture onto long forest trails with lovely views of the surrounding mountains. The path will lead you through the authentic shepherd’s mountain pastures of Zajavornik, home extremely tasty locally produced cheese, then up to the Bled Hut sightseeing point with great panoramic photo ops. You then continue towards the west through the alpine wilderness amidst more stunning peaks, along an easy trail past Mt. Viševnik, Draški Vrh, and on to Velo polje, where stands the Vodnikov dom mountain hut. Named after a renowned Slovene poet, this strategically located hut boasts amazing views and is famous for its gorgeous sunsets.

Extra excursions to neighbouring Pokljuka hills are possible, like Mali or Veliki Draški vrh, which is perfect for a practice run at hiking in the highlands up an easy trail that introduces you to proper hiking in the Julian Alps and all their glory.

16km (10mi), 1000m (3280ft) elevation gain with possible extensions
Overnight stay in Vodnikov dom mountain hut

From Vodnikov dom, your journey continues into the increasingly rocky highlands, over the Hribarica Pass and into the incredible Seven Lake Valley on the other side. This is a place where time stands still. One of the most scenic corners of the Julian Alps, dotted with stunning glacial lakes. After a long hike, an overnight stay at an authentic mountain hut will do nicely. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also extend your hike to Prehodavci or a more challenging ascent up Mt. Kanjavec form where you can enjoy spellbinding views of the valley below.  


12km (7.5mi), 600m (2000ft) elevation gain with possible extensions
Overnight stay in Triglav lakes mountain hut

Day five brings the shortest and easiest trials on your alpine walk, but comes with numerous options of wandering into the mountains. The trails leading up to Komna, where spectacular vistas over the Bohinj Basin open up, as you traverse along the ridge towards Bogatin, a scenic mountain with views of Lake Bohinj, Mt. Triglav and the southwestern Julian Alps. 

7km (4.5mi), 140m (500ft) elevation gain with possible extensions
Overnight stay in Komna mountain hut

The following day, you follow what the locals call a classic descent towards the famous Savica Waterfall near Lake Bohinj where we recommend a short break to marvel at this pretty site tucked away on the slopes. As you approach Lake Bohinj, the landscape changes yet again, as a very undemanding hike brings you closer to the valley. This allows you to truly soak up your environment to the fullest.  

15km (79mi), 140m (500ft) elevation gain with possible extensions
Overnight stay in Bohinj

Back at Lake Bohinj, it’s time for some proper relaxation by, in, or on the lake. SUP boards and canoes can be rented for some water fun, or you can venture into the surrounding countryside, stroll around the lake, and basically do as you please. There is no wrong option in the Bohinj area. You can take this time to unwind, rest from your travels, and let the impressions of your walking holiday sink in.

Overnight in Bohinj
Optional extra charge
SUP or canoe rental

Departure with a bunch of insanely wonderful memories … Depending on your flight schedule, we will give you some ideas on how to spend the last day.

Optional extra charge
Airport transfer
Extra days

Why not spend a few more days in Slovenia? Extend your holidays with a pre- or post-holiday extension. Accommodation, sightseeing and activities can be arranged. Add as many extra days to your holiday as you wish.

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Tour safe from Covid-19
No-risk cancellation policy with 100% money-back guarantee. 
We care about the planet 🌍
Let’s choose green to keep Slovenia’s nature safe and help the local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start the holiday?

Your self-guided holiday starts in Bled. We will come and meet you at your hotel to run you through your itinerary, give you some final notes and arrange your car rental. If you need a transfer from the airport, let us know upon booking!

How fit do I need to be?

Walking planned on our walking holidays is mostly moderate - the terrain is not so difficult, with occasional rocky parts where some attention is needed. You should be fit enough to walk for around 5 hours with a larger backpack with stops per day.

What should I wear? Do I have to bring anything with me?

Most important are good comfortable shoes with good grip. Bring enough water (can be refilled in the hut), snacks for four days and sunscreen or other sun protection. You can also bring trekking poles if you are used to them. Only take with you the most necessary cosmetics and basic personal care items for an overnight stay. A fresh t-shirt and a pair of socks for each day. If you have your own sleeping liner you can bring it with you, or you can get a disposable one in the huts for a few euros. Also note that there are no restrooms in nature, only in the hut. If you lack some of the necessary mountaineering equipment, we can rent you most missing pieces.

What if I want to see all the optional things listed in the itinerary?

You can easily extend a day or two in the same area, either extending your entire holiday or leaving out some places you are not interested in. Just notify us upon booking and we will help you customize a perfect itinerary for you.

Where will I stay?

We use different hotels, depending on availability, but we always make sure they are conveniently located and that you have the option of parking your car comfortably. For the days spent in the mountains, don't expect too much luxury - Slovenian mountain huts are basic but cozy.

What is the tourist tax that is not included in the price?

A tourist and promotion tax is a fee that every visitor has to pay for each overnight stay all over Slovenia. It consists of two parts: each municipality charges a tourist tax fee, which goes towards financing and maintenance of tourist facilities in the area, and the Slovenian Tourist Board charges a promotion tax, which is used to promote Slovenia. Depending on the municipality, the tax rates vary - from 1.5€ in some locations to 3.13€ in Ljubljana or Bled (per person, per night).

Holiday Types


For travellers that want flexibility and independence. We organize the holidays of your choice, but the adventure of getting around is all yours. You will get a fly & drive itinerary with activities, accommodations and travelling tips with full support of our team for any emergencies or concerns. 

Small group

For solo travellers or travellers who wish to meet other like-minded souls, don’t want to stress about trip planning and would maybe like to enjoy some time on their own as well. You will be travelling with our tour leader in a small group of maximum 8 people in a comfortable van with accommodation, entrance fees and a detailed plan of activities arranged. For guaranteed tour departures we have a minimum of 4 people.

Guided private

For travellers who want a holiday based on their preferences and needs. You don’t need to worry over itinerary planning or your next move, and at the same time you can enjoy the holidays at your own pace and take as much time on your own whenever needed. We take care of the entire organization and provide you with a professional guide, accommodation, transportation and plan of activities.

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