Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih

Every hiker’s welcome refuge in a fairy-tale location.
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Only three hours of hiking from Bohinj, this wonderful hut stands in an idyllic location by the Double Triglav Lake at an altitude of 1685 m. The location is truly a miniature mountain paradise and also a crossroads of some of the more visited hiking trails as well as a transfer station, so it is very useful when exploring these parts, and consequently very popular. The first hut on this site was built back in 1880, and the building we can stay in today dates to 1988. The hut can accommodate 200 people, of which only 30 can sleep in rooms, so these are usually booked well in advance, as the hut is open during the summer season. We can reach many high mountain destinations from this hut, even those more moderate mountain climbs, so the location is extremely popular and suitable for all types of hikers.
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