Pr' Štanfel

The jewel of the Goriška Brda countryside.
Goriška Brda
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The Štanfel tourist farm stands in the idyllic village of Podsabotin in Goriška Brda. A ten-minute drive from Nova Gorica is enough to escape the noise of urban life and be transported into the sublime countryside. Luxurious rooms with special antique furniture turn back time and put guests in relaxation mode straight away. You are treated to top quality wines and delicious dishes prepared according to ancient recipes passed on from generation to generation. The farm’s specialties are cured meat products and incredible traditional meals, typical for the region and prepared by the owner himself, Mr Štefan. The host thoughtfully pairs the food with select wines from his stone clad wine cellar. The farm is a fantastic starting point for exploring the wonders of Goriška Brda. Tours of the wine cellar are organised with wine tasting. Guests can take part in trekking expeditions with donkeys to the nearby Sabotin hill or go on night walks with torches. The embrace of nature and of a murmuring brook near the farm are guaranteed to swipe your slate of everyday worries clean.
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