Campervan Fleet

Choose your perfect home-away-from-home among these three types of vehicles:

Small campervan for 2

Seats: 2  Sleeps:
Manual transmission
This small and swift campervan has plenty of storage space and a fully equipped kitchen with a comfy 200x140 cm (79x55 in) bed. It is air conditioned with parking sensors and tinted windows for extra safety. You will be able to stay connected via Bluetooth or USB and it has a AUX port, so you can travel the Slovenian roads accompanied by music of your choice. For a more leisurely ride, it has cruise control and hill-start assist, while the electric plug (CEE plug) and a power extension plug will make sure you have enough power on your trip.
This choice is perfect for budget conscious couples who want the freedom to whizz around in a compact, maneuverable van.

Large campervan for 3+1

Seats: 4  Sleeps: 3+1
Manual transmission
This is a fully self-contained campervan with a cassette toilet and a grey water tank, a fully equipped kitchen and a sitting area. It has one large 200*140 cm (79x55 in) bed, a smaller 195x75 cm (77x29 in) bed and an extra 160x90 cm (63x35 in) bed, which can be made in the sitting area. You can stay unplugged from electricity for a while, as it has an additional battery, which will keep your food safe in the fridge and you will still be able to charge your phone.
The vehicle is air conditioned and equipped with a parking camera, so you won’t have to worry about turning in tight places, as well as cruise control and hill-start assist for a more carefree driving experience.

Large campervan for 3+1 (comfort)

Seats: 4  Sleeps: 3+1
A campervan perfect for travelling in colder weather with an inbuilt heating system, hot water and other small luxuries, that make your trip all the more enjoyable. It has one main comfortable large 196x140 cm (78x55 in) bed and a second 185x105 cm (73x41 in) bed that you can set up in the dining area. It has a fully equipped bathroom and a kitchen, a sitting area, awning in the back of the van, mosquito nets and blinds, as well as solar panels that will keep you powered anywhere. We packed in a large fridge and a freezer as well, so you will be able to boast your cooking skill to the fullest. As with the other two vans, it has cruise control and hill-start assists and all the connectivity of Bluetooth, USB and AUX.

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