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Meet the guiding team that will make you fall in love with Slovenia. Local and knowledgeable, they will turn your holidays into a wonderful experience.

Active, Cycling, Walking, Skiing Holidays
The most outdoorsy and handy guy on our team, managing everything from booking your hike in the mountains, down to fixing your bike or changing a flat tire while having a blast on his bike tours. 
Walking, Food & Wine, Luxury, City Holidays
A world-wide traveller with a long guiding career. If her broad knowledge about Slovenian landmarks, customs and cuisine won’t astound you already, her warm heart and a contagious smile surely will. 
Cycling holidays
An outdoor sports aficionado, who finds her inspiration in nature. She draws her knowledge from reading books, watching movies, documentaries and theatre plays, attending concerts and regularly visiting museums and galleries. She loves farm-to-table cuisine and appreciates a good glass of wine. She never misses an opportunity to learn more while passing on her knowledge and experience with great enthusiasm.
Walking, Food & Wine, Luxury, City Holidays
A passionate ambassador of Slovenia, who loves the outdoors, culture and travel. Her insatious curiosity equips her with all sorts of trivia and she loves to share local legends and stories. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make your trip to Slovenia a really special one.
Photo holidays
An award-winning professional landscape and adventure photographer with published work in National Geographic and Landscape Photography Magazine who often says his aim is to search for the light in the adventure. 

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