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Hey! I'm Ivana, the Manager of Slovenia Holidays.

Creating wonderful memories for those who visit Slovenia has always been a passion of mine.

What motivates me every day is being outside in nature or around cultural wonders with other interesting people, and the dynamic character of everyday work. This is why I have been a tourist guide for a long time.

During my student days, I was showing the beauty of Slovenia to the exchange students here. Now I am doing the same, but on a bigger scale — presenting Slovenia’s rich nature and culture to anyone that desires to visit us.

I am also a passionate traveler myself and have been all around the world. I love getting to know foreign cultures, which constantly inspires me when interacting with our guests.

Working as a tourist guide and a travel agent in Slovenia has given me a lot of experience. I got to know the most common complaints, things people like the most; In short, I realized what people want when they travel to Slovenia.

While all these years have made me who I am today, I always had that extra motivation to make things for our guests even better. I was successful, but I wanted to do much more.

With the help of my friends from tourism, we founded Slovenia Holidays — to realize those dreams, giving everyone a chance to spend the perfect holidays in Slovenia.

Exploring Slovenia is our passion

From zero to the fastest-growing tour operator in Slovenia

Our company has been around since 2014, and it is one of the fastest-growing companies in tourism in Slovenia. As tour operators in Slovenia under the umbrella of the Slovenia Discovery brand, we provide the widest selection of holidays in Slovenia.

From active and adventure packages, to organized trips with outdoor activities, from culinary delights to family holidays and laid-back city breaks, to luxury and tailor-made holidays — whatever your preference, Slovenia Holidays has you covered with the best guided & self-guided tours around.

Our team is full of locals who are as passionate about traveling as they are about sharing that passion with others. Working closely together with professional guides and local suppliers, we make sure your holidays in Slovenia run smoothly.

The responses we get from our guests always energize us to continue with our work and impact the holiday experiences of more people. That’s why we made it our mission to continue growing and help more and more incoming tourists create lasting memories on their holidays in Slovenia.

Family Biking Holidays
Slovenia Holidays for everyone

The most holistic approach to holidaymaking

Wish to combine a hiking excursion or cycling trip with sightseeing that includes Slovenia’s fascinating landmarks? Why not!

Would you like to spoil your palate with the best authentic dishes made by top Slovenian chefs while enjoying a leisurely holiday in various exclusive settings? Done!

Is there a package that involves recreational options with experiencing Slovenia’s top attractions? Of course, several!

Everyone can find a holiday in Slovenia that suits their needs. Different kinds of people come to us, and all that I know of leave satisfied. That feedback motivates us again and again, and makes us even more focused on letting people enjoy their holidays.

As one of the fastest-growing travel agencies in Slovenia, we strive to leave our guests happy and with great memories, so we are very proud to have many experiences on TripAdvisor that are among the best-rated in Slovenia.

We focus on versatility, affordability & fun

Slovenia is a beautiful country. In fact, it’s a perfect place for your holidays. If you wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me where should I go on a vacation, Slovenia would be a no-brainer answer. 

Why? It has great value for money, found in rare other countries. The level of service you’ll get for the price is just unbeatable – from exclusive adventures to more simple experiences. And because of its natural and cultural diversity, possibilities here are endless. We are here to make those possibilities a reality.

Rafting experience on Soča river
Rafting on Soča River

Whether you’re a family out on an adventure or a group of friends in search of thrills in Slovenia’s grand outdoors, your convenience is our responsibility. That’s why every holiday package is planned to perfection with your needs in mind. From planning your itinerary and taking care of accommodations, to supplying incredible alternatives, including a comprehensive list of Activities, fantastic Day Trips, and even Luxury Holidays – our main priority is you having a great time.

Visiting a foreign country is an exciting pastime that everyone should engage in as often as possible. It broadens the horizon, enriches the soul, and brings us closer together.

All you have to do now is choose your Slovenian holiday. We’ll do the rest.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

Ready for the time of your life?

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