Slovenia Walking Holidays

Come on self-guided or guided walking holidays in Slovenia and discover our mountains and valleys first-hand on tours fit for any hiking enthusiast.
Lake Bled Island
Vodnikov Dom
hiking sunset
Vintgar gorge waterfall in Autumn
Hiking Slovenian mountains
From: 690€/person
7 nights / 8 days
A true mountain trekking holiday in Slovenia and an unforgettable hut to hut journey into the untamed Alpine wilderness hiking in Triglav National Park.
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Lake Bled Island
Hiking Slovenian mountains
Soča Valley Walking Holidays
From: 749€/person
7 nights / 8 days
Your ultimate self-guided walking holiday in Slovenia, hiking in and around Triglav National Park, one of the most picturesque parts of the country.
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WWII Hospital Franja
Panoramic view on Bohinj lake
From: 1,390€/person
5 nights / 6 days
Trek a scenic part of the international trail Via Alpina in Slovenia across the Alps and experience the mountains up-close on this hiking holiday.
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Kozjak Waterfall
From: 850€/person
3 nights / 4 days
Walk on the country’s scenic trails around the emerald Soča River with crystal-clear waters on one of the most leisurely hiking holidays of Slovenia.
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Mostnica Gorge Slovenia
From: 949€/person
3 nights / 4 days
Diverse hiking adventure around the Slovenian Alps, picturesque valleys and stunning lakes based at the picturesque marvel of Lake Bled.
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Lake Bled castle
Soča Valley Walking Holidays
Drežnica village and mount krn in the background hikers
Kozjak Waterfall
From: 1,649€/person
6 nights / 7 days
Enter the pristine Alpine world by going on a multi-day walking holiday in the Julian Alps, Slovenia's most breathtaking mountainous region.
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About Walking Holidays in Slovenia

With its beautiful scenery of mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and rivers, Slovenia is truly a hiking paradise.

It’s no surprise that hiking and mountaineering have long been national sports and a favourite pastime for many Slovenians. This is evident in the many well-maintained and thoroughly marked trails that make self-guided walking tours a viable option for anyone with some hiking experience.

Guided walking holidays in Slovenia are perfect for both experienced and inexperienced hikers who wish to spend some time with locals and benefit from their local insight. There are also plenty of mountain huts offering hearty traditional dishes and a place to spend the night if you’re interested in hut-to-hut hiking.

Another option is to choose a home base and head on daily hikes from there. This way you can either explore local cuisine in the authenticity of the mountain huts or try the many excellent restaurants in the evenings, after your hike. This is an especially great way to spend your holiday if you prefer walking on fairly level terrain and wish to experience the natural wonders of the Julian Alps along the way, without the physical strain of difficult ascents.

We primarily offer hikes in the Julian Alps on our Slovenia mountain holidays, and that is because they contain a wide array of hiking routes, and all of them come with amazing views. You are guaranteed to be amazed by the gorgeous mountain lakes, green valleys, pristine rivers, and mesmerizing waterfalls of this region.

We offer planned Slovenia hiking holidays with great walking trails and have the knowledge and experience to create any custom hikes as well.

You can choose between a guided tour with experienced local hiking guides or a self-guided tour where we prepare your itinerary along with detailed maps and make reservations for your accommodations. There are different accommodation options, depending on your route and whether you would like to sleep in the comfort of the hotels in the valley, or experience the minimal but cosy comfort of mountain huts.

If our options are not enough, Walking Holidays Slovenia, our sister brand might have something for you.

For those more adventures who want to tackle climbing the highest peak in Slovenia, head over to Triglav Tours and become a “true Slovenian”!

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