Cultural Holidays Slovenia

Discover the vastness and stunning complexity of Slovenian culture in historical towns and beautiful countryside on our list of cultural vacations in Slovenia.
Predjama Castle
From: 1,640€/person
7 nights / 8 days
Join the most authentic tour of Slovenia’s fascinating cultural destinations, from ancient towns to marvels of nature and authentic local traditions.
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Ljubljana Center
Ljubljana by night
Postojna cave inside
Lake Bled castle
From: 3,990€/person
6 nights / 7 days
Boutique luxury slovenia holidays that will show you the best sights and experiences of Slovenia and are designed for your ultimate comfort.
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Ljubljana Center
From: 790€/person
4 nights / 5 days
Spend 5 days in Slovenia and get a taste of the main sights and attractions of the country and enjoy the evenings in the charming capital.
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Lake Bled
Postojna cave inside
From: 540€/person
2 nights / 3 days
Short and sweet Ljubljana holidays exploring the most popular places to see and the best attractions in Slovenia, such as Lake Bled & Postojna Cave.
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Lake Bled castle
From: 990€/person
4 nights / 5 days
Lake Bled package holidays combining the beauty of the Slovenian Alps and Triglav National Park with a trip to the charming capital, Ljubljana.
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From: 540€/person
2 nights / 3 days
A short Lake Bled holiday break that ticks off all the main attractions at Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, as well as the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
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About Cultural Holidays

Cultural Holidays present visitors to Slovenia with a chance to really delve into the cultural side of this wonderful country.

Everything that falls under the category of culture is deeply intertwined. The food you taste, the monuments you see, the rural and urban rhythm of life you feel, the arts and folklore, the historical and the modern – these are all pieces of a mosaic of culture that create an image of Slovenia that will inspire your imagination.

When you explore a place through its numerous landmarks, listen to the fascinating stories behind them, and get an up-close insight into what makes the “Crossroads of Europe” so very unique, you’ll find that Slovenia and its people have so much beauty to offer on a single holiday.

We take you to the most spellbindingly gorgeous places, such as Lakes Bled and Bohinj, Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave, where natural and manmade splendour coexists in extraordinary symbioses.

You go on sightseeing strolls through picturesque towns with memorizing architecture and immense historical importance. Some are more known, like the capital Ljubljana and the city of Maribor, others you might not yet be acquainted with, but are just as remarkably fascinating, like Ptuj or Celje, both dating back to pre-antique times.

Due to Slovenia’s incredible connectivity and accessibility – yes, the country’s size certainly has its perks – you can be marvelling at a thousand-year-old castle in the Julian Alps one day and sipping on some exquisite wine overlooking the breath-taking vineyards of Slovenia’s Karst the next.

However, despite our packed schedule, we make sure your holiday is set to a relaxing pace throughout your travels. That means there’s always plenty of free time to enjoy a particular destination and let the newly received information sink in nice and slowly.

Joining a Cultural Holiday around Slovenia will unlock the secrets of our rich history and remarkable traditions within an environment unlike any other.

See you on our next cultural expedition!

But if you desire something beyond culture, check out our other tours in Slovenia.

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