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Did you have a great time in Slovenia and want to show others? Share your best photos and win a local gift from Slovenia.
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We would love to see how your holidays in Slovenia went, so we want to give you the opportunity to share your best moments with us. Submit your photo or video of your adventure and get a chance to win a trip voucher for your future travels in Slovenia. Good luck!

How to submit your entry
The best photo or video of the month will be awarded a lovely gift from Slovenia and a €100 holiday gift voucher (for purchases of any of our holidays in value over €1000). Anyone can participate, just make sure you own the photo or video you are submitting.

1. Upload your photo on Instagram or Facebook 

2. Make sure you tag us and use #sloveniaholidaysphotocontest
You can also email us your photos and use #sloveniaholidaysphotocontest in the subject line.

3. You can enter up to 5 photos or videos per month. We will pick a winner every beginning of the month for the previous month. The annual winner will be announced next January.

By submitting your entry, you allow us to use the submitted materials on our website and re-share on social media.

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photo contest
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