Slovenia’s most famous hut just below its most famous mountain.
Julian Alps
This highest-standing mountain hut (2500 m) is probably the most famous of its kind in Slovenia. Officially called Triglavski dom, it is located on a plateau called Kredarica, from which the shortest yet far from the easiest route to Triglav leads. That is why this hut is extremely popular among Triglav enthusiasts. No wonder it has been enlarged several times and can now accommodate up to 240 guests for overnight stays. When the weather is good and during weekends, this place is booked weeks in advance. The first hut in this location was built in 1896 on the initiative of Jakob Aljaž, the priest who is also credited for erecting the famous tower on Triglav. Today, the limited amount of electricity is provided by wind and solar panels, and the hut is supplied with food and drink by a helicopter. The offer and prices of drinks are therefore appropriately high. The water from Kredarica’s reservoir is not drinkable and is intended for washing only. Like in all mountain huts, Triglavski dom is divided into private or shared sleeping quarters. Rooms are often the first to get booked, a room has to be booked very early before the season. As the hut is perched on a ridge, it offers fantastic views to the south and north, as well as a good portion of the Julian Alps. This hut is officially only open in summer, as it also serves as Slovenia’s highest weather station and two meteorologists stay up there all year round. They kindly receive visitors during winter months, but you have to make do with sleeping in unheated rooms.
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