Hong Kong may be best known for its towering skyscrapers, its fast paced lifestyle and ocean of people streaming its streets non-stop, but if you look further, in each neighbourhood, you will find endless mesmerizing encounters. 

One of the oldest yet also most dynamic neighbourhoods in Hong Kong is Sheung Wan District. A district filled with many narrow and sloped streets with a lot of small alleys but it is here, you will most likely find hidden treasures of Hong Kong. Packed with attractions, this neighbourhood is perfect to experience on foot. One of the ways to explore this neighbourhood is to join a Hong Kong tour, to explore the off the beaten tracks of Sheung Wan and find your own little gems.

Street arts in Central

Walking along Hollywood Road, one of the first roads to be built in Hong Kong in 1844, you will find excellent antique shops and art galleries. Look out for a respected and well-known artist called Grand So, who finds inspiration painting on the side of Hollywood Road, you can even buy and take home his paintings with you.

Make sure you don’t miss the street arts and graffiti in the area, from Sheung Wan District to where it’s joined with the Central District. The street arts are created by locals and artists from all over the world, among others: Elsa Jean de Dieu’s work (French artist) on Peel Street, SENK’s work (Chinese artist) on George’s Lane, Christian Storm’s work (Danish artist) on Shing Wong Street, Alex Croft’s work (local artist) on Graham’s Street and Shingo Katori’s work (Japanese celebrity) under Mid-Levels escalator.

Hollywood Road is also home to century-old temple, a place of worship dedicated primarily to Man Cheong (god of literature) and Mo Tai (god of war) – the atmosphere created by the heavy clouds of incense will whisk you away and transported you back in time. 

Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan

Don’t leave Sheung Wan without a visit to Cat Street Market, it is the place if you’re looking to add a touch of Hong Kong to your home. A true treasure trove, the street is lined with stalls selling all types of quirky and wonderful curios, such as Chinese antiques, jade pendants, mahjong tiles and even figurines of Chairman Mao. 

Sightseeing in Sheung Wan market

Last but not least, get a taste of Hong Kong and Sheung Wan area is the perfect place for it. It is a true foodie paradise, especially if you’re looking for an authentic taste of Hong Kong. Take a journey to one of the Michelin Guide recommended restaurants on Hello! Hong Kong Food Tour and try the Dim Sum, various of small dishes normally served in little bamboo baskets and the Dim Sum is still served via trolley service. You will find yourselves transported back to a bygone era.

Dim Sum Restaurant in Sheung Wan

We are happy to say that Czech Republic managed to get the spread of Covid-19 under control quite well. Borders with other EU countries are open again and from 1st of July, Czechs are in the so-called “new normal” without major restrictions.

Needless to say, the tourism sector was hit hard by the lockdown, but Prague is already filling up with visitors from different countries. Therefore, it is a truly great time to come visit in these upcoming months - it will be much more calm than over the usual high summer season craziness. This goes especially for the busy streets around Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter area, along the “Royal Path” all the way to the Prague Castle.

Family watching Prague

One of the best and most popular ways to explore Prague and get a good sense of what-is-where, are the segway and e-scooter guided tours. You stay in a small size group, cover long distance and get to see both high profile sites, but also the more hidden panorama views and complex city parks - all this with no need to sweat and refreshment stops along the route.

Biking in the park in Prague

Segway Experience is Prague’s highly acclaimed and most experienced provider of these tours, operational since 2008. With the meeting point conveniently located right next to the famous Charles Bridge and a squad of local expert guides, this is a solid choice to have a fun time, get to know the city and find out useful recommendations for the rest of your stay.

Segway experience and bikers with the guide

E-scooter ride takes you around central-historical Prague and its major parks, while segways offer a chance to see a different area: the number 6 district, with calmer and more residential character, including two of the oldest monasteries.

Due to Corona virus global reduction of a travel flow, we highly recommend that you find your way to Prague as soon as possible to enjoy this charming historical city with exceptionally less crowds and chaos.

Segway Experience in Prague

The Segway Experience Prague team is all rested now and excited to welcome travelers - so “get the ticket, take the ride!”

Ahhh… Mykonos! The first things that come in mind are turquoise beaches, whitewashed houses and parties! This small Greek island is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea and its “glamour meter” antagonizes Ibiza and St-Tropez! Mykonos’ energy attracts a diverse crowd of jet set members, hedonistic holidaymakers and party lovers that live every moment to the fullest.

Bike tour in nature

But Mykonos also has a hidden side: Pristine secluded beaches, wild landscapes, a fascinating blend of cultural and religious heritage and of course a rich culinary and wine tradition. The best way to uncover it is by joining a Yummy Pedals Bicycle Tour. You can find them at Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm and let their local guides engage you in a fascinating blend of experiences while exploring the island on two wheels!

If you’re travelling through central Europe and countries like Lithuania and Latvia, Belarus is quite close and is worth a visit. The reasons are obvious: a different culture, one of the countries with some Soviet heritage preserved, yet a place with hospitable people and reasonably developed tourist infrastructure. And a factor one cannot overlook these days – Belarus, now visa-free for over 75 countries – has only recently eased its visa regulations and is not overcrowded with tourists in the high season.

While many people in the tourism industry speak English, it’s still hard to communicate on the streets, in the province and even at some places like cafes or restaurants. Locals are willing to help but only about 10 per cent speak English at some level. Naturally, you can organise your Belarus travel logistics online these days, mostly in Minsk and larger cities, but more delicate operations like a guided tour, offline police registration or meeting arrangements are best arranged through a tour guide.

Minsk in Belarus

A private Minsk tour guide could be a handy solution in many cases. It’s your eyes and hands on the spot even before you arrive. If your card (and many US-issued cards fail) doesn’t work when it comes to getting a train ticket, a local insurance policy or a good opera seat – there’s only one person on the ground to help. When you have to check on your relatives in Minsk or in the province, this matter can be efficiently handled by a Minsk tour guide majoring in ancestral tours.

Entertaining day trips from Minsk or a Minsk city tour are an ideal way to quickly learn more about the country you are in, its culture and traditions. The tour of Minsk is an ideal introduction to your stay in Belarus – the key facts about the people and their everyday life is not something you find in the most recent guidebooks. Such sights of Minsk as Independence Square, Victory Square and Trinity Suburb can make a combination with the oldest churches of Minsk or even the Soviet buildings, depending on your interests. If you are looking to do some shopping – food or souvenirs – there are cool options, too.

Couple on Minsk Private tour
Minsk Private tour

If you’re interested in the war history of Belarus, the tour of Khatyn and Glory Mound is a great option. Khatyn is a memorial installed on the site of a village destroyed by the Nazi during the occupation. The grim fate of the villagers reflects the harsh regime of the invaders who claimed they were liberating the country from the Communism.

Long-term private tours like Belarus tour packages are a wonderful solution. Travel at your own pace focusing on the Jewish heritage or the Belarusian culture, cooking and village ways, or the country’s industrial potential. Don’t forget about the hospitality traditions of the Belarusians and great food served in the restaurants and at homes! Welcome to Belarus!

Back in 2009, when Vilnius was honoured with the title of “European Cultural Capital” and the World was shaken by the financial crisis, three young students were looking for a summer job. A friend told them about an exciting new initiative called “Vilnius free tours”, so they decided to join in. 

Group of young tourists with their guide in Vilnius
Vilnius City Tour

“Why free tours? Well, back then our parents were not too excited about us backpacking the world alone. So guiding free walking tours was a great way to “travel” without travelling.” Says Raminta - director of the company. “And I was hooked immediately! I was even skipping afternoon classes, just to meet another group of travelers.”

When the girls realised how much they loved this job, they agreed to become licensed full time tour guides in Vilnius. Being professionals gave them a different outlook to Vilnius history as well. The young guides noticed that it was too complicated to cover it in just 2 hours.

Group tasting Lithuanian cuisine
Lithuanian cuisine

For many travelers beautiful streets of Vilnius Old Town and cute cafes were not enough. They also wanted to know more about Jewish heritage, Soviet era or how locals are actually living outside the city center. But there were no regular tours in English to explain those topics or show those places! The girls saw an opportunity here. They came up with new routes and established their own company - Vilnius with Locals.

At the moment the company consists of a group of 15 motivated licenced guides. They offer quite a number of different tours every day of the year. You can join regular walking tours (Soviet Vilnius, Jewish Vilnius, Alternative Vilnius, Vilnius Ghost tour, Vilnius Old Town & Uzupis tour), or sample Lithuanian food on Vilnius Food Tour. If any of this is not something for you, Vilnius with Locals can always organise a private city tour or an adventurous day trip to the countryside. Just contact them and let them know what you are looking for.

Couple with their guide on Vilnius town hall private tour
Vilnius town hall private tour

“As we are a small company of local guides, we really care about the content of our tours and we constantly try to improve them. That’s why we really pay attention to the feedback. Every review is important to us.” adds Raminta.  And it really pays off! Vilnius with Locals is #1 tour company in Vilnius on Trip Advisor for a few years already.

Close shot of handbag with sign Vilnius with locals tours
Vilnius with locals tours

Of course, none of this could have happened without amazing and passionate tour guides. “Vilnius with Locals is a team. We all have different stories about how we ended up as guides (some of us studied history, economy, journalism or law…). But what unites us is a shared passion for travelling, learning new things and meeting people. And we never stop smiling, which is quite unusual in Lithuania.” laughs Raminta. 

So next time you are looking for a traveling destination - choose Lithuania and join Vilnius with Locals tours to check out if they really are as good as they claim. 

India holds a special position in world tourism map and is a favourite with many travellers due to its diversity and vibrancy in culture, heritage, history, art, cuisines and landscapes. Though large groups and drive-in travels have predominantly been a favourite mode with most travellers while exploring India; backpacking, solo travels and cycling tours too have gained prominence in the recent times.

With myriad landscapes, meandering roads and immersive experiences; cycling is a great way to explore India and its rich cultural offerings and landscapes. Here are some of the must explore trails in India which cyclists would enjoy.

Sikkim cycle tour
Sikkim cycle tour

Eastern Himalaya Hike & Bike Tour  (Sikkim)

Nestled at the base of Eastern Himalayas, Sikkim is one of the most picturesque travel destinations in North East India.

The trail starts from Gangtok and winds its way through valleys, snow clad mountains, quaint villages, undulating hills, forest trails, plantations and countryside, ending at Darjeeling. Gradients vary between 8-12%, and the trail has a good combination of challenging climbs and rolling roads reaching an altitude of 3500 meters.

The views are breathtaking with rhododendron wrapped mountain valleys, ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, the stunning Kangchenjunga- world’s third highest mountain, Himalayan wildlife and tea plantations making this a perfect mountain getaway.

Ride distance- 400 Kms (approx.)

No. of days- 14 Days

Sikkim group by the temple
Sikkim group by the temple

Hampi & Badami Bike Adventure

In northern Karnataka lies the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hampi, the capital of Vijayanagar empire, which was once the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful kingdom in all of South India.

The terrain across Hampi and Badami is a rolling one with flat grounds, moderate climbs, and the cyclists can easily cover 40-60 Kms everyday on this ride. The trail would cover carved temples, palaces and medieval structures of Hampi, cave temples of Badami and nearby heritage sites of Pattadakkal and Aihole.

This historical trail starts from Hampi and goes through picturesque countryside, boulder-strewn landscapes and fields of paddy, cotton and corn to end at Badami.

Ride distance- 200 Kms (approx.)

No. of Days- 5 Days

Hampi-Badami group cycling tour
Hampi-Badami group cycling tour


‘God’s own country’ as Kerala is popularly referred as lies along the southwestern coast of India and is epitomized for its palm lined beaches, sprawling tea and spice plantations, picturesque backwaters, exotic wildlife, lip smacking cuisine and myriad art forms.

The trail varies from easy to moderate with a good combination of challenging climbs, rolling hills, flat grounds and whimsical countryside roads to ride leisurely. Cyclists can cover distances of 40-60 Kms everyday on this ride that covers Fort Kochi, Alappuzha, Thattekad, Thekkady and Marari beach.

This ride across Central Kerala traverses through spice-lined loops, forest trails, countryside roads, colonial towns and placid backwaters.

Ride Distance- 300 Kms

No. of Days- 8 Days

Kerala group cycling
Kerala group cycling

The most family-friendly country you’ll ever revisit.

Travelling with kids? Good for you! Nothing broadens the horizons like a holiday abroad. Thinking of where to take your family next? Great, the answer is holidays in Slovenia.

But before we attempt to convince you that Slovenia is the unchallengeable champion of family holiday destinations, let’s tick the most important things off the list first.

OK, now it’s time to embark on that unforgettable adventure you’ll be bragging about to your loved ones via Instagram or at family gatherings for years to come.

Hiking, biking, river and lakeside activities in the embrace of nature  

In this day and age, one of the best presents you’ll ever give your children is the gift of nature. Majestic mountains, wonderous woodlands, rolling hills, lakes and rivers, and hopefully not a screen in sight. The Slovenian countryside is perfect for getting your kids interested in the outdoors. A massive network of intermediate hiking trails can be found around places like Bled, the Logar Valley, PokljukaVelika Planina, Kranjska Gora, to list just a few.

Biking down country lanes, going for a walk up to beautiful waterfalls or SUPing on alpine lakes or experiencing SUP Ljubljana is a fantastic way for the family to get some exercise. Daytrips can be spent exploring gorges or going rafting down rivers, topping it off with a picnic near the serine Lake Bohinj.   

Adventure parks are another healthy way to spend the day in the outdoors. One such place is Adventure Park Bled. Children will be occupied for hours on its eighty plus attractions and the surrounding views are amazing.  

Two kids riding two horses

A family ski holiday in Slovenia is just what the doctor ordered

Taking your kids skiing to Slovenia is like entering a winter fairy-tale. No lions or witches, but plenty of snow-filled fun for the whole family. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia’s most famous ski resort, is equipped to the brim with family facilities.

Multilingual ski instructors, nursery slopes, snow parks and green pistes right at your hotel’s doorstep.

Then there’s the Krvavec ski resort. The nearest ski resort to an international airport has a ski polygon for kids and a snow park with obstacles. Krvavec is a blast for the family.

A similar destination is Rogla, all-round family ski adventure. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, a Fun Park for snowboarders and free-style skiers, and a place called Devil’s Land. Your kids are bound to be entertained. Numerous ideal family outing options are available and they can meet standards of the top world destinations.

Also, the Slovenian slopes are not as crowded as other western destinations, so parents’ nerve will be less frayed and the kids will be able to venture on the snow independently.

Family skiing on Holidays
Family skiing

Magical caves and mythical castles

Kids love fairy-tales and legends, and Slovenia happens to be the land of dragons, mysterious caves and ancient castles. The Predjama Castle, a medieval manor perched in a cliffside, is something straight out of a Tolkien novel. Another real medieval marvel is the Bled Castle. This thousand-year-old castle offers an awesome view of the lake and mountains. Its museum and restaurant will make sure your family is in for a royal treat. And there’s hundreds more super-duper forts and castles all over the countryside.

Down the road from the medieval rock castle is the world-famous natural wonder called the Postojna Cave. The train ride that takes you deep into the underground will be engraved in your kids’ memories forever. Postojna Cave is also home to the human fish. Or “baby dragon”. Near Postojna is UNESC protected Škocjan Cave. A system of spectacular subterranean chambers with the highest cave bridge in the world.

Predjama castle, the biggest cave castle in the world
Predjama castle

Glamping in treehouses and farmland fun 

Spending the night in a treehouse is what childhood fantasies are made of and they can be realised at Garden Village Bled. It’s one of many glamping options in Slovenia that offers your family a relaxing stay in the wilderness with all the amenities of a hotel. For a more ‘back to nature’ camping experience, the Natura Eco Camp just outside Kranjska Gora is another way of introducing the stillness of Slovenia’s natural environment to your kids.

Natural lodgings are superb, but what about the grub? Not only food, a proper comprehensive farm life experience can be had at a Slovenian tourist farm. You can even get your hands dirty and see first-hand what it’s like to live off the land. A growing number of eco-farms are popping up all over Slovenia. You can taste the local cuisine and your kids are guaranteed to fall in love with the orchids, meadows, and the animals grazing there.     

Learning about the history and culture of Slovenia

There are all kinds of exciting and educational things to explore in Slovenia. Located in the capital town of Ljubljana, the Ethnographic Museum, for instance, is a great way for children to learn about the local people and their history. And things aren’t always what they seem, as the House of Illusions will undoubtedly prove.

Travelling out of the capital to the former monastery in Bistra, the Technical Museum of Slovenia is certainly a destination worth heading to. Children will learn something new and test their skills at various workshops. Open-air museums are also very popular among families. They’re lovely time portals into the world of Slovenians of old. Be sure to check out Open-Air Museum Rogatec and the WWII Partisan Hospital Franja.  

Great accessibility and superb accommodations

Whichever time of year you choose to visit Slovenia with your children, be assured that travelling around the country is easy. One of the main contributing factors in this department is Slovenia’s size. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the wilderness or not finding a place to stay. Road connections are excellent and various types of accommodations can be found on every step.

Hotels and other lodgings offer special cots, cribs, extra beds and family-size rooms. Ski resorts are extremely well-prepared with modern, state-of-the-art facilities. Restaurants are child-friendly, providing high-chairs, children’s menus, etc. Yes, they’ve got pizza. Many inns and restaurants have playgrounds, and in the countryside, adorable farm animals are known to be regulars.

In conclusion: Slovenia is the ideal holiday destination for and with kids.  

Teenagers and littluns alike will be highly entertained. And so will their parents. You’ll get the chance to go on a ton of outdoor adventures and learn a great deal about a land saturated in myths, legends and history.  

Visit Slovenia, your family deserves it.

As the greenest, friendliest and most adventure-packed country on your bucket list, Slovenia is a place that will satisfy your five senses in one holiday quicker and more intensely than you could possibly imagine

There are way too many reasons for visiting Slovenia that could possibly fit into one short article. However, that’s no excuse for not providing you with a teaser.

 Here’s a list of the top 5 REASONS why Slovenia is the best holiday destination for lovers of nature, culture, sports and culinary delights. So virtually everyone.

Slovenia is a NATURAL WONDER beyond compare

In comparison to most European countries, Slovenia is quite tiny. But as they say, big things come in small packages. And when it comes to natural beauty, Slovenia is huge. Not to mention diverse. Travelling around this country will allow you to experience multiple geographical regions in one short journey.

The unbelievably stunning Julian Alps promise the finest views, rivers, waterfalls meadows, pastures, and serene fairy-tale lakes like the world-famous Lake Bled and its close cousin Lake Bohinj. On a clear day, you can see the mountains from the Adriatic Sea, which is a very short drive away.  

Almost 60% of Slovenia is covered in forests, making it one of the greenest countries on the planet. These are cut into by awe-inspiring valleys, basins, farmlands and plateaus, like the one-of-a-kind Slovenian Karst. There’s not a nook or cranny that isn’t in or in the immediate vicinity of nature.  

Not all of Slovenia’s natural treasures can be found above ground. Caves are an absolute must on your Slovenian holiday check-list. The Postojna Cave is a world-renowned phenomenon, and located a stone’s throw away is the UNESCO protected Škocjan Cave.

Postojna cave inside
Postojna cave inside

Slovenia is a hub for SPORTS and OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES

Slovenia’s natural world gives so much more than just fresh air and sightseeing excursions. It provides our beloved holidaymakers with an endless array of outdoors activities.

The Slovenian mountains are literally the promised land for sports enthusiasts of all levels – from kids to adrenaline junkies. Wintertime and early spring transform the country into a skier’s paradise. There are dozens of well-connected, affordable and uncrowded ski resorts that offer an amazing time on the slopes. Therefore, a ski holiday in Slovenia is undeniably a trip worth taking. And retaking.

In summer, the whole country is buzzing with activities. Its gorgeous rivers that flow through gorges and valleys are perfect for white-water rafting and kayaking, while its spectacular lakes present a splendid opportunity to test your balance on a SUP. You can even experience SUP Ljubljana in Slovenian capital city.

Slovenia has also been blessed with natural springs, the healing properties of which can be enjoyed in a number of thermal spas and waterparks.      

The wide-open countryside of Slovenia invites you to go hiking across its mountainous and hilly terrain, bike or even horse ride through the fields and endless forests, and go for a swim in the sea, a  wild river or an alpine lake. If you feel like it, you can do all of that in a single day. Yes, one day.

Hiking on Osojnica Bled
Hiking on Osojnica Bled

Slovenia’s HISTORY and CULTURE are felt in epic proportions

A journey to Slovenia is also a trip back in time. Despite being a very modern country, the place is brimming with history. We’re talking about prehistoric artefacts, Roman ruins, medieval castlesancient churches, the list goes on. Legends, customs, traditions, scientific advances, artistic exploits – Slovenia is stamped with a unique and inspiring cultural heritage.  

Only gaining its independence in 1991, this fledgling country used to be ruled over by numerous empires, kingdoms and states, all of which had an immense ethnic and cultural impact on the country and its people. From Celtic tribes and Roman legions, to early Slavic settlers and Germanic warlords, from Turkish invaders to Balkan unions – they all left a mark.

The long list of museums provides visitors with a comprehensive insight into what life was like back in the days of old. These are scattered throughout the country and can easily be found in its colourful towns, villages and countryside. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s stunning and compact capital, is the melting pot of cultural events. Galleries, restaurants, music venues and other fun stuff are in season all year round.

Slovenia’s CULINARY EXPERIENCE is unforgettable 

Food and drink. They represent the essence of any culture and are directly connected to the land that births them. Slovenia’s cuisine spans centuries and its varieties can be tasted in top-notch restaurants. It’s most warmly recommended to have a bite of something local wherever you happen to be. Each region, no, practically every micro area of the Slovenian countryside has something delicious and different to taste. You can’t go wrong by munching down at Slovenian eco-farms and farmsteads. Pure heaven.

As far as drinks go, Slovenia is the land of wine. And beer. But primarily wine. The latter is ranked among the best in the world. Wine tours will take you into the heart of Slovenia’s vineyards, where you can try these exquisite liquids in their enviably assortment of colours, fragrances and tastes. You can have a memorable wine tasting in Ljubljana and wine tasting Bled. Cheers!

Desert on a dark black plate
Slovenian gourmet food

Slovenia’s PEOPLE are open and hospitable

The richness of Slovenian culture resonates most profoundly with its people. In addition to the thousands of expats in North and South America and Australia, the population of Slovenia befits the country’s size. Roughly 2 million people inhabit the ‘sunny side of the Alps’. Yet due to its above mentioned affluent history, Slovenia’s gene pool is as diverse as the land itself.

Slovenians truly are a fantastic tribe. Ask any foreigner who has ever stepped foot on Slovenian soil, the answer will be unanimous: “Slovene people are open-hearted and exceptionally hospitable.” Urban and rural dwellers alike will gladly lend you a helping hand, point you to where you want to go and share a friendly conversation. They will simply make you feel at home. And that’s what counts.

Another upside of being on the crossroads of Europe is that Slovenians are fluent in English. Especially those below the age of sixty. A most welcoming plus when it comes to travelling.

Now that your interest has been sparked, go book that plane ticket, hop on that train or step on that accelerator.

For those who are about to fall in love with Slovenia: We wish you happy travels! And for all of you who are already smitten: Welcome back!

If you're looking for cycling tours in Romania, the area around the city of Brașov, in Transylvania, is perfect for exploring nature on a bicycle.

Being surrounded by mountains and having mount Tâmpa in the center of the city - if you ask us, Tâmpa is more like a forested hill, rather than a mountain - Brașov offers nature and cycling lovers a lot of possibilities to burn some calories while discovering the green forests and secret viewpoints overlooking the medieval city.

View over Brasov city from Crucea Mușicoiului, a nice meadow situated in Schei quarter
View over Brasov city from Crucea Mușicoiului, a nice meadow situated in Schei quarter

If you would like to visit Transylvania on the saddle, choosing the right guide and bike rental can be quite difficult. We booked the tours from these guys, which were super supportive and provided us with good quality eBikes for our escape. Also, Robert Lazar, our guide, was friendly and knowledgeable during both tours.

Our first day started easy, with a couple of sections of necessary push bike and continued with nice single trails, combined with forestry roads that suited our need for cross country cycling. We're not into risky technical sections, so we agreed to Robert's advice and followed him.

Cycling on a forestry road near Brașov
Cycling on a forestry road near Brașov

The scenery was fantastic, we couldn't believe there can be so much nature just minutes away from the bustling city streets of Brașov.

The next day we were taken to Viscri, a century old medieval Saxon village, situated just one and a half hours away from Brașov. We quickly got familiarized with our bikes - this time, full suspension eBikes - and started riding. In just a couple of minutes, we came across our first flock of sheep. We happened to see lots of them on our road trip through Romania but never before saw one from just meters away.

Sheep flock in Viscri
Sheep flock in Viscri

The single track we rode on was just what we were looking for. Gentle climbs and fast paced descents through the lush forests and green pastures.

Single trail around Viscri
Single trail around Viscri

We even encountered a friendly shepherd who let us taste some of the cheese he had made in that day. God, who needs energy gels when you got this delicious organic fresh cheese?

Back to Viscri, we visited the 13th century fortified church, a stunning construction that withstood the test of time. We recommend climbing the tower. Once up here, we completely forgot about our bikes; luckily, our guide arranged with the lovely lady from the entrance to keep an eye on them.

Viscri village seen from the church tower
Viscri village seen from the church tower

Once back at the car, Robert drove us back to Brașov and we enjoyed the rest of the day having a well-deserved beer and a fantastic meal in one of the many restaurants in the city center.

If you're looking for cycling tours in Romania, don't miss Brașov. Even if you're looking for road cycling tours, you still have a lot of quiet roads to ride on, through nice villages with friendly locals. For those seeking mountain bike tours in Romania, well, choose Transylvania, where the mountains are 🙂 And remember, choosing the right guides can make the difference between a holiday to remember and just another ride.

Modern luxury in the heart of Slovenia’s tranquil countryside.

Remember when you used to go camping as a child? The wondrous feeling of being woken by the scorching sun at seven in the morning? The joys of pitching a tent in soil that was always either too soft or too hard? Remember how fun it was tripping over guylines and bumping into stakes? Sarcasm aside, we’re sure it was great.

But what if we told you could stay in the graceful embrace of nature without all that hassle. It’s called glamping.

Also known as glamorous camping, glamping brings the luxury of a hotel into the wilderness without encroaching into nature. As one of the greenest countries in the world, Slovenia is all about sustainability and has jumped onboard the glamping express. Thanks to the locals’ ingenuity of building lodgings that fit perfectly into Slovenia’s pristine countryside, you can now take your family on an adventure you could only dream of as a kid.

From futuristic cabins to sleeping in barrels or treehouses overlooking majestic forests, glamping in Slovenia is a one-of-a-kind family holiday experience.

Epic glamping at Lake Bled

Going on a family holiday to Lake Bled is like opening a magic box of fun-packed activities in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Now imagine you can stay in a treehouse while you’re there. Situated just minutes away from the famous fairy-tale lake is Garden Village Bled. This exclusive eco-resort offers three styles of outstanding natural lodgings interlinked by wooden walkways.

They’ve got romantic two-person pier tents built on hanging bridges over ponds and streams. Air conditioned, well-furnished glamping tents amidst garden crops with plenty of green areas for kids to play on during the day and a wooden hot tub for parents to relax in at night. The best outdoor adventure, however, is promised by the Garden Village treehouses. Besides being equipped with all the necessary amenities, treehouses possess that special superpower of realising your childhood dreams. How epic is that!?

Two tents in the glamp
Slovenian glamping - tent

Luxurious herbal glamping

From mountain lakes to endless woodlands, our glamping trail takes us to another serene area of Slovenia. The Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno puts glam into glamping. Perched in an untainted part of the country, this luxurious retreat consists of ten glamorous tents that will make you feel like you’re in a five-star hotel. You can have a dip in a private jacuzzi or in the camp’s natural pool, forgetting about the hi-tech commodities at your disposal.

As the name suggests, this glamping resort is all about herbs. Their restaurant specialises in herbs and spices picked in the resort’s own eco-garden.  

Unique glamping holidays

Glamping in Slovenia can be wonderfully quirky. One such glamping resort can be found down the road from Slovenia’s oldest town Ptuj. It’s a region famous for its wine-producing qualities, so the locals at Camping Terme Ptuj had a fantastic idea  of building a village comprised of wine barrels. Yup, the Wine Village presents you with the unique and ridiculously cool option of sleeping in a wine barrel. The campground is situated near a thermal spa and water park, which is brilliant for families.

A futuristic glamping experience

If treehouses don’t ignite your childhood fantasies, maybe sleeping in lunar capsules will. Stationed in a hamlet in Slovenia’s wild countryside of Bela Krajina, Glamping Malerič is home to four futuristic, family-sized cabins with a natural swimming pond and out-of-this-world views of the rural landscape. This glamping spot doubles as a perfect base for exploring Bela Krajina’s natural treasures by rafting down the Kolpa River or cycling through the open fields.

Alpine glamping with a view  

Ever been to heaven? Now’s your chance. Nebesa, which translates as ‘Heaven’, is the most appropriate name for this heavenly mountain retreat above Kobarid and the Soča Gorge. Besides the breath-taking views of the mountains, the Nebesa chalets are a great starting point for biking, hiking and white-water rafting in the river below.

Another mountainous glamping adventure suitable for families is the Eco Resort. Situated at the foothills of the spectacular Velika Planina, the glamping resort’s glamourous shepherd’s huts offer a tranquil stay and an adventurous holiday all in one.    

Back to nature camping near Kranjska Gora

For a bit more camping yet still enough glam, Natura Eco Camp is located outside the Alpine wonderland of Kranjska Gora and offers a more back to nature experience. No power, no Wi-Fi, but plenty of fresh air and comfortably snug accommodations. The campground is built in a green glade, where you can spend the night in awesome safari tents. Adults and kids alike will also love the cosy ‘teardrop tent’. These are teardrop-shaped pods suspended from branches and accessed by wooden steps. There’s also a help-yourself vegetable garden and a scenic atmosphere to die for.


Tired of staying in hotels but don’t want to part from the comforts they offer? Want to wake up in a treetop or a futuristic cabin in the middle of nowhere? A place where time stands still and your family can venture into the grand outdoors carefree? Then choose the extremely unique form of accommodation called glamping. And the most natural and diverse family glamping holiday can be found in Slovenia.

All you have to do is pick a dreamlike Slovenian holidays location and…

…into the wild!

Beds inside of the glamp
Inside the glamping house
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