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Located on the crossroads of Europe, where West meets East and both meet South, Slovenia’s diversity also resonates very strongly with its population of just over 2 million and can be felt on every step. 

Influenced by an exceptionally long list of cultures stretching back to prehistoric times, Slovenia is steeped in tradition, with practically every village adding its unique character to the mosaic of the country’s enviable cultural heritage. 

When you’re not exploring the wild outdoors, your Slovenian holiday should definitely include visiting the country’s numerous castles, churches, monasteries, museums, galleries and other places of culture that preserve so well our past, celebrate our present and envision our future.


Slovenes or Slovenians, are a friendly, hospitable bunch of subalpine Slavs with a gene pool as diverse as their natural and cultural heritage. Slovenians are a humble and hospitable yet very driven, hard-working tribe with a great love for life, a sense of humour, and the unreserved willingness to lend a helping hand. 

They are a very sporty nation, which is evident from the multitude of outdoor activities performed and an unbelievably long list of sports achievements in both winter and summer disciplines. Besides a bunch of incredible athletes, Slovenia has also produced hundreds of famous scientists, inventors, artists, architects, authors, chefs and other prominent citizens. 

Not bad for a country of two million, right?


Slovenia doesn’t have huge metropolises. In fact, the capital city of Ljubljana is the biggest, with a population of only 280,000. However, every town is very unique and definitely worth a stroll around. 

The blend of various types of architecture, from baroque to modern, give Slovenia’s towns soul and character. Villages dotting the countryside are as colourful as their surroundings. 

Most places around Slovenia greet you with a healthy mixture of traditional and modernity. Riversides and streets are lined with lovely cafes and restaurants. Town centres have plenty of modern shops, marketplaces, and offer services of every kind.

Ready for the time of your life?

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Published: 20/01/2021
Updated: 20/01/2021

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