Traveling to & Around Slovenia

Find out all about traveling to Slovenia and around our beautiful country, either by plane, car, train, or any other ground means you want.

By Plane

Slovenia has 3 international airports (Ljubljana, Maribor, Portorož). 

Ljubljana (Jože Pučnik Airport) – main airport in Slovenia 

It is located about 26 km north of the capital city. You can catch a taxi, an airport shuttle, rent a car, or opt for our transfer options, depending on your traveling itinerary. 

The Ljubljana airport is the best option when traveling to Slovenia, particularly for visiting places in the central, north, or north-western part of the country. 

Maribor (Edvard Rusjan Airport) – second international airport

It is located about 10 km south of Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia. 

Traveling to and from the airport is done by taxi or a pre-booked transfer. 

Maribor Airport is mainly used for seasonal and charter flights. 

Portorož Airport – smaller charters, business and cargo flights

The Airport in Portoroz is located 6 km south of Portorož, and you can reach the following towns within an hour’s drive: Trieste (Italy), Koper, Postojna, Ljubljana (Slovenia), and Croatian towns on the Istrian Peninsula.

Alternative airports near Slovenia:

Zagreb, Pula, Klagenfurt, Graz, Trieste, Venice, Vienna  

Ljubljana airport surrounded by mountains
Brnik airport with mountains in the background

By Bus

Traveling to Slovenia by bus from numerous European cities is quite straightforward.

There are direct coach lines from as far as Sweden and Denmark. 

Most international coaches stop in Ljubljana. 

Foreign EU bus transport providers registered do not require special permits to travel across Slovenia. FlixBus coaches and Nomago buses are growing in popularity. 

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Traveling to Slovenia by bus is quite straightforward

By Train

Taking a train to Slovenia is easy as it gets. There are good rail connections from neighboring and many other countries: Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, etc. 

Slovenia is included in the Eurail Global Pass system. 

You can also travel by rail from the nearby airports, like Trieste, Zagreb, or Vienna.

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Slovenia has good rail connections

By car, bike, motorbike, or on foot

You can visit Slovenia by virtually any ground means you want. 

If you’re traveling to Slovenia by car or motorbike, the road connectivity via regional roads and motorways is very straightforward. 

If you’re going by bike or even on foot, there are plenty of smaller border crossings connected by local roads that will take you to wherever it is you’re going to. 

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Well-maintained regional roads

By Boat/Ferry

You can catch a direct ferry from Italy or sail in from Croatia. 

Slovenia has 4 small ports/marinas which you can use when traveling by boat. 

When sailing to Slovenia, always check availability and other requirements. 

There are also many cruises that stop in the port main Slovenian port, Koper, and the neighboring Trieste or Venice.

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Ships near the Koper Port

Do I need a VISA for Slovenia?

Citizens of the Member States of the European Economic Area (EEA) may enter Slovenia with a valid identity card or a valid passport and do not require a visa or a residence permit.

Third-country nationals must acquire a visa or a residence permit from Slovenia’s diplomatic mission abroad.

* The list of countries that require a visa to Slovenia can be viewed on the official government website here

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How do I get around Slovenia? 

Slovenia is a very small country, which translates to short transfer times. Roads and railway connections are good, so traveling around Slovenia is a piece of cake. The country is very small and driving conditions are excellent. 

The easiest means is of course by car, but local public transport (bus, train) is well-organized, accessible, affordable, and will certainly take you to where you want to be. If you’re vacationing in Slovenia and would like to explore the country day-by-day, Day Trips are the ultimate way of seeing all the main sights and offer extremely reliable transfer options.

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Switchback road to Vršič Pass

Driving in Slovenia


The roads in Slovenia are well-maintained and up to EU standards. 

Traffic is commonly quite light, except on major motorways during the high seasons (July, August). 

You can rent a car in any bigger Slovenian town (Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Koper, etc.). 

Driving times between places are short. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to drive from one part of the country to another. 

Petrol stations are frequent and repair services are responsive.  

There are more than 240 charging stations for electric vehicles all around Slovenia.

Emergency numbers: 112 (ambulance, fire department), 113 (police)

Roadside assistance: 1987

*And remember: we drive on the right in Slovenia 🙂

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Driving times in Slovenia are short


All the top destinations provide suitable campervanning facilities. 

The best and most practical way to travel around Slovenia by campervan is to book a campervan holiday

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Slovenia has suitable campervanning facilites


Most popular destinations in Slovenia are connected by railway.

However, rain transfer can be quite slow when traveling around Slovenia, as we do not have speed trains, and rides usually include many local stops. 

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Railway bridge over the Soča River


Cycling around Slovenia is fantastic. 

Low traffic and good quality local roads are very suitable for cyclists. 

If you would like to explore Slovenia by bike, we highly recommend booking a special cycling holiday

*Reduce the carbon footprint!*

The most sustainable means of travel are rail, electric car, and bicycle.  

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Where do I stay in Slovenia?

The accommodation situation in Slovenia is excellent, so finding a nice place to stay in Slovenia is easy. There are plenty of accessible, comfortable hotels and hostels in both urban and rural areas, equipped with all the modern facilities. 

Camping and its luxurious variant glamping are excellent for those who want to spend their holiday in Slovenia’s wonderful natural environment. 

Located in idyllic countryside locations, many tourist farms offer lodgings as well as tasty local cuisine. For those who like to venture high in the mountains, mountain huts serve as unique overnight stays with a surreal panorama. 

There are also plenty of private options in the form of Airbnb and Booking. 

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Slovenian accommodation in beautiful scenery

Useful Information & Tips:

Are accommodations in Slovenia child-friendly?

Yes, most places are very well equipped to accommodate youngsters and babies. 

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Slovenia is a family-friendly country

Are accommodations wheelchair accessible? 

Although many places are wheelchair accessible, certain places might not be. 

We advise you to always check in advance before booking. 

Can I bring my pet along? 

It depends on the accommodation. Most outdoor campsites and some hotels and private accommodations allow pets (dogs, cats, etc.), but most hostels and luxury lodgings do not. 

The best thing to do is check before booking. 

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Lake Bled at sunrise

Can I get married in Slovenia?


In fact, we highly recommend it.

Slovenia is an exceptionally romantic destination, so getting married or proposing to your soulmate here is unquestionably a very attractive option.

Slovenia is home to one of the most idyllic wedding locations in the world: Lake Bled.

Check it out! 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wedding.jpg
Happy wedding at Bled Castle


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