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Ivana Bole
Published: 04/08/2021
Updated: 31/08/2021

Strategically positioned in a scenic basin in central Slovenia, our capital city of Ljubljana is unquestionably among the top destinations you must place high on your traveller’s checklist. 

Ljubljana is the cultural, commercial and gastronomical hub of Slovenia. In many respects, it is the melting pot of everything Slovene, where the country’s unique diversity fuses together and shines in all its brilliance.   

Panorama of Ljubljana old town with Castle Hill
Rooftops of Ljubljana

A Ljubljana city break is a fantastic short holiday option  

At Slovenia Holidays, we have created a tradition of designing the most comprehensive holiday experiences. One of our specialties are amazing city breaks that include the top destinations in Slovenia. Spending a city break in Ljubljana presents you with tons of interesting things to do, see and taste in and around Europe’s most charming capital. 

With a population of just under 280,000, Ljubljana is a small yet extremely vibrant city. Its cosy Old Town centre is an amazing blend of Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture. The lively riverside, adorned with bridges and lined with bars, restaurants, shops and markets, strikes the perfect balance of modern metropolis meets laidback sup-Alpine town. 

City hall and street in the Old Town Tobljana
Old town Ljubljana

Lovely green parks, old churches, curvy cobblestone streets, museums, galleries, squares and the Ljubljana Castle standing guard atop a hill – all contribute to Ljubljana’s unbelievably colourful character. This begs the following question:

How many days to spend in Ljubljana? 

Most locals would say “a lifetime”. But since you’re probably not planning on moving here (yet), Ljubljana short breaks span from two, three or several day-stays, depending on your preferred itinerary.

If you want to see all the main sights, then two would be the optimal number of days to spend in Ljubljana. To get a better feel for the place and perhaps explore the city’s surrounding area, we suggest a three-day holiday or even longer.

Ljubljana city breaks come in various forms to cover the widest range of interests and accommodate every type of tourist. 

Active Ljubljana city break  

For those of you who would like to combine your stay in Slovenia’s capital with recreational pastimes in and around the city, we highly recommend an active Ljubljana break, where you spend 3 days in Ljubljana engaging in very cool outdoor activities. 

You can do some cycling around Ljubljana and its marshland, head out on a hiking trip to Velika Planina, a nearby Alpine plateau, or enjoy the thrills of mountain biking practically in the heart of the city. 

Cycling on the road through meadows
Cycling through Ljubljana marshes

This Ljubljana break is especially suitable for guests who have already visited Ljubljana and are looking to add some excitement to their short holiday. 

Best of Slovenia Ljubljana city break

The next option is an excellent choice of a Ljubljana city break for first-timers who want to base themselves in the capital and visit all the city’s main sightseeing attractions, but also explore the stunning mountainous region of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, and take a walk in the mysterious Vintgar Gorge. 

Besides soaking up the spellbinding beauty of the Julian Alps, a trip to Postojna Cave, one of the most famous show caves in the world, is also included. And don’t worry, this city break allows for plenty of free time to relax in Ljubljana’s buzzing city centre as well.  

Bled Castle view from above
Lake Bled

Foodie Ljubljana city break

Want to experience Ljubljana’s broad selection of restaurants that represent every gastronomical region of Slovenia? Yummy, who doesn’t! This Ljubljana short break offers a proper culinary adventure with dishes that consist of an incredible mixture of influences from the Mediterranean, Balkans and Central Europe, this 

You get to snack at Ljubljana’s top food market, the Open Kitchen, put your cooking skills to the test by making traditional Slovenian dishes at cooking class, and taste high-end wines and gins, all while learning about Ljubljana’s rich history and visiting its landmarks. 

Foodie City Break Ljubljana 5 days
Food tour

Tailor-made Ljubljana city break

As history tells us, Ljubljana’s location has always been of immense importance as the crossroads of major trade routes. Today, the city’s superb location is a great base for venturing on a day trip and seeing the rest of Slovenia. 

Regardless of how long your Ljubljana holiday is, it’s always nice to break up your city break with excursions into Slovenia’s picturesque wilderness, engage in a few sporty activities, and visit lovely villages and other big towns.  

Group visiting old town Ljubljana
Visiting old town Ljubljana

Classical Ljubljana city break

Ljubljana and its wider area are packed to the brim with things to do. Sightseeing activities can be very diverse and flexible, like paddle-boarding or kayaking down the Ljubljanica River, doing so from above by going on a hot air balloon ride, or on land by cycling around town.  

You can saddle a horse and go riding in Ljubljana’s scenic outskirts, descend into caves in the countryside, go for a skiing day trip to a nearby ski resort, or explore the Ljubljana Basin on a bike. The possibilities, as always, are endless.

Bike Tour Ljubljana
Bike Tour Ljubljana

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Whichever Ljubljana city break you choose, whether it’s a weekend break or a multi-day holiday, this remarkable place covers every option, and Slovenia Holidays does the rest.   

Ready for the time of your life?

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