Trekking in Nepal

For an an unforgettable experience surrounded by the giants of Himalayas, come trekking to Nepal.
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Blog Published August 20, 2022
Edited May 7, 2024

Nepal is a country well-known for its beauty and geographical diversity. Its hills and mountains cover 83% of the total land.

The highest mountain range in the world is found in Nepal, with the highest point above sea level being Mount Everest at 8848m. Remarkable trekking routes with magnificent scenery can be explored in the territory of the Himalayas.

Different paths have their own kind of beauty, and almost all who come trekking here appreciate the beautiful experiences. Nepal’s most recognizable trail is the Great Himalayan Trail which covers around 1700 kilometers across 16 districts of the country from east to west.

Many people, including Nepalese citizens and people from all over the world, travel on different routes every year. Since there are so many trekking options available in Nepal, the trekkers travel to the destination that most suits their holiday plans. Though trekking can be done in any season, autumn (Sept-Oct-Nov) and spring (March-April-May) are most preferred.

According to last year’s data, the most visited areas are around Kanchenjunga, Mustang, and Langtang National park compared to other trekking areas.

When trekkers choose their desired trail package, they need a help of an agent to move towards their destination. They can also choose everything from easy to challenging and suit the trekking to their needs.

In some places, trekkers need to get a permit before visiting. These and other required documents is what the agent is there to give to them.

Trekking can be done in different ways such as tea house trek, camping trek, and trekking along with guides. In the tea house trek, the trekkers are provided with not only the local foods and accommodations but also hot showers and clean rooms. This trekking is mostly available on the most popular trails – Annapurna base camp, Kanchenjunga trekking, and Manaslu trekking.

It can be even more carefree, if the trekking is done with the help of a guide as all the responsibilities of trekking, with the best comfort, including the food is provided by them. The agents will find an experienced and licensed guide who will make the trekkers feel at ease.

In a camping trek, different equipment is required such as tents, sleeping mats, food, and other needed gear. The camping is done in appropriate areas because it’s not allowed everywhere.

After a tremendous adventure everyone will get back to Kathmandu and will stay overnight there. Delightful farewell and the time for leaving Nepal has come.

If you want to know more about the possibilities for trekking in Nepal, visit Mount Adventure Holidays.

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Trekking in Nepal

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