Lesar Hotel Angel

A distinguished hotel in up-town Ljubljana.
Ljubljana - city center
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Situated in Gornji Trg Square, the heart and soul of Ljubljana’s Old Town Lesar Angel is arguably among the classiest hotels in the area. Housed in a stunning villa at the foot of the Ljubljana Castle Hill, the hotel has a labyrinth of hallways that leads to twelve perfectly furnished rooms. Their premises also include a lounge, bar, several terraces and a fantastically magical garden. The hotel’s staff provides first-rate service and has been ranked exceptionally efficient by several hotel booking sites. Lesar Angel’s lounge area not only offers magnificent views of the Gornji Trg Square, but a stylish area for socializing and breakfast dining. It is suitable for larger groups and hosting events. By prior arrangement, “Lesar a la carte” dishes are served according to guests’ specific wishes and expectations, accompanied by select wines.
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