Checklist for skiing in Slovenia (2022 Ski Holiday Guide)

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Tom Smith
Published: 28/04/2020
Updated: 2/06/2021

Can’t wait to get your ski boots on? Neither can we! The new ski season is so close you can almost smell the fresh snow.

Slovenians are a very sporty nation. In summer, they go biking, hiking, fishing, and travel to the Adriatic coast for a nice tan and water-related fun. But when winter comes, it’s off to the slopes! Winter activities and skiing in Slovenia are more than a big deal, it’s a way of life. Or at least a giant part of life’s outdoor wintertime sportiness.

Skiing in this part of the world is a tradition that goes back generations. It has produced a long list of medal-winning athletes and is responsible for top-quality socialising. Let’s see what this year has in store.

Wintertime events

If you like winter sports, you’ll love coming to Slovenia. The place is packed with ski-related events.

One of the most popular and spectacular events to visit is definitely the Ski Jumping World Cup in Planica. This Kranjska Gora area event is truly a winter holiday experience you won’t forget. Then there’s the Vitranc Cup (Alpine Ski World Cup) – less flying, more skiing, same amount of joyful cheering. And in Kranjska Gora, the list of events goes on. Why not go skiing, then watch others do it and join the local festivities?

Staying in the vicinity of Kranjska Gora, there’s an après-skiing event you won’t want to miss. It’s a chilly one as well. This year, Bled is hosting The Winter Swimming World Championship.  And on the other side of the country, the traditional Golden Fox Ski World Cup for Women is taking place in Mariborsko Pohorje. It’s on in mid-January, so conditions will be perfect to hit Europe’s longest downhill night run in the eve and watch the best of the best compete during the day.

Skiing on Slovenian ski slopes
Skiing on Slovenian ski slopes

Planning: Ski passes & book in advance

The best ski resorts in Slovenia are not as crowded as those in the rest of the alpine world, which is a major plus, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out their offer and book accommodations in advance. Although locals also travel abroad, many will still flock to their domestic resorts this winter. Better booked than sorry!

Got your ski pass ready? A great advantage of skiing in Slovenia is that there are numerous options on where and how to do it. There are several ski passes to choose from. You can, of course, stay and ski at one particular resort, or you can try the multiple ski resort option. Taking into account that every Slovenian resort has its own unique features (in terms of nature and facilities) and that they’re a short travelling distance from each-other, it comes highly recommended to opt for the ‘ski safari’ option: One pass, more ski resorts.

A number of ski passes are available. For example, if you plan on stationing yourself in Bled, the Julian Alps Ski Pass is a wonderful solution. It allows you to visit five Slovenian ski resorts at a very decent price. Want to go international? Thanks to the country’s central position and thanks to this International Ski Pass, you can also pop over the border to Austria and Italy for a few ski-filled or just sightseeing day trips with our neighbours. Practical and exciting indeed!

Another vital thing to look out for is snow. Fun fact: snow likes Slovenia. Very much so. Despite changes in temperatures turning things upside down, don’t worry, Slovenia has an excellent snowfall record. Apparently, we can expect skiing’s best friend to visit very shortly. In the mountains, snow starts falling in late October and doesn’t stop till late March or early April. And for those few snowless days, technology will step in and produce enough of the stuff for us to enjoy the whole season through. For some detailed snow updates and forecasts for Slovenia and its ski resorts, take a peek at the forecast.

Ski slope with skiers
Ski slope with skiers

Get ready before hitting the Slovenian ski slopes 

The slopes will be ready, but will you? Like in every sport, safety should always be a priority. To make your 2019/20 ski season both a pleasant and safe experience, here are a few useful tips on how to ski responsibly.

Hit the slopes, not your head. Wearing a helmet saves lives. Enough said. You’ll enjoy the slopes much more if you’re in reasonable shape, so do some exercises before you head on holiday. Use proper ski equipment. Don’t borrow. Either rent the equipment at a ski resort or buy it. Make sure everything fits!

Clothing is key. Wear layers of clothes and wear gloves. Always. Also, put on ski goggles that fit around your helmet.

Take a break. Skiing burns a lot of energy, so make sure you eat and drink enough. Hint: Slovenian ski resorts will never allow you to go hungry or thirsty. Know your abilities. We all think we can do something until we can’t. Never ski on pistes that are above your skill level. Trails are clearly marked. Respect the markings.  

If you intend to ski or snowboard off-piste in Slovenia, check the local conditions. In addition, always check the avalanche risk levels and have appropriate avalanche safety equipment at the ready.

For more on safety, check out this list of rules before venturing onto the snow this year.  

Family on a snowshoeing adventure

An all-round adventurous skiing holiday in Slovenia awaits

Slovenia has plenty to offer on and off the slopes. And the season is expected to be amazing. Lots of snow, well-groomed and diverse slopes, and a number of cool winter events. Add the unique countryside, friendly locals, and fresh air, and suddenly you’re going on a ski holiday to Slovenia.

The 2021/22 season awaits, so: helmets on, down the hill, then back to the cottage in time for some hot tea or mulled wine. Let the season begin!

Ready for the time of your life?

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