Family Glamping in Slovenia

Thanks to the locals’ ingenuity of building lodgings that fit perfectly into our pristine countryside, you can now take your family glamping to Slovenia.
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Blog Published May 17, 2020
Edited May 7, 2024

Modern luxury in the heart of Slovenia’s tranquil countryside.

Remember when you used to go camping as a child? The wondrous feeling of being woken by the scorching sun at seven in the morning? The joys of pitching a tent in soil that was always either too soft or too hard? Remember how fun it was tripping over guylines and bumping into stakes? Sarcasm aside, we’re sure it was great.

But what if we told you could stay in the graceful embrace of nature without all that hassle. It’s called glamping.

Also known as glamorous camping, glamping brings the luxury of a hotel into the wilderness without encroaching into nature. As one of the greenest countries in the world, Slovenia is all about sustainability and has jumped onboard the glamping express. Thanks to the locals’ ingenuity of building lodgings that fit perfectly into Slovenia’s pristine countryside, you can now take your family on an adventure you could only dream of as a kid.

From futuristic cabins to sleeping in barrels or treehouses overlooking majestic forests, glamping in Slovenia is a one-of-a-kind family holiday experience.

Epic glamping at Lake Bled

Going on a family holiday to Lake Bled is like opening a magic box of fun-packed activities in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Now imagine you can stay in a treehouse while you’re there. Situated just minutes away from the famous fairy-tale lake is Garden Village Bled. This exclusive eco-resort offers three styles of outstanding natural lodgings interlinked by wooden walkways.

They’ve got romantic two-person pier tents built on hanging bridges over ponds and streams. Air-conditioned, well-furnished glamping tents amidst garden crops with plenty of green areas for kids to play on during the day and a wooden hot tub for parents to relax in at night.

The best outdoor adventure, however, is promised by the Garden Village treehouses. Besides being equipped with all the necessary amenities, treehouses possess that special superpower of realizing your childhood dreams. How epic is that!?

Two tents in the glamp
Slovenian glamping – tent

Luxurious herbal glamping

From mountain lakes to endless woodlands, our glamping trail takes us to another serene area of Slovenia. The Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno puts glam into glamping. Perched in an untainted part of the country, this luxurious retreat consists of ten glamorous tents that will make you feel like you’re in a five-star hotel. You can have a dip in a private jacuzzi or in the camp’s natural pool, forgetting about the hi-tech commodities at your disposal.

As the name suggests, this glamping resort is all about herbs. Their restaurant specializes in herbs and spices picked in the resort’s own eco-garden.  

Unique glamping holidays

Glamping in Slovenia can be wonderfully quirky. One such glamping resort can be found down the road from Slovenia’s oldest town Ptuj. It’s a region famous for its wine-producing qualities, so the locals at Camping Terme Ptuj had a fantastic idea of building a village comprised of wine barrels. Yup, the Wine Village presents you with the unique and ridiculously cool option of sleeping in a wine barrel. The campground is situated near a thermal spa and water park, which is brilliant for families.

A futuristic glamping experience

If treehouses don’t ignite your childhood fantasies, maybe sleeping in lunar capsules will. Stationed in a hamlet in Slovenia’s wild countryside of Bela Krajina, Glamping Malerič is home to four futuristic, family-sized cabins with a natural swimming pond and out-of-this-world views of the rural landscape. This glamping spot doubles as a perfect base for exploring Bela Krajina’s natural treasures by rafting down the Kolpa River or cycling through the open fields.

Alpine glamping with a view  

Ever been to heaven? Now’s your chance. Nebesa, which translates as ‘Heaven’, is the most appropriate name for this heavenly mountain retreat above Kobarid and the Soča Gorge. Besides the breathtaking views of the mountains, the Nebesa chalets are a great starting point for biking, hiking, and white-water rafting in the river below.

Another mountainous glamping adventure suitable for families is the Eco Resort. Situated at the foothills of the spectacular Velika Planina, the glamping resort’s glamourous shepherd’s huts offer a tranquil stay and an adventurous holiday all in one.    

Back to nature camping near Kranjska Gora

For a bit more camping yet still enough glam, Natura Eco Camp is located outside the Alpine wonderland of Kranjska Gora and offers a more back-to-nature experience. No power, no Wi-Fi, but plenty of fresh air and comfortably snug accommodations. The campground is built in a green glade, where you can spend the night in awesome safari tents. Adults and kids alike will also love the cozy ‘teardrop tent’. These are teardrop-shaped pods suspended from branches and accessed by wooden steps. There’s also a help-yourself vegetable garden and a scenic atmosphere to die for.


Tired of staying in hotels but don’t want to part from the comforts they offer? Want to wake up in a treetop or a futuristic cabin in the middle of nowhere? A place where time stands still and your family can venture into the grand outdoors carefree? Then choose the extremely unique form of accommodation called glamping. And the most natural and diverse family glamping holiday can be found in Slovenia.

All you have to do is pick a dreamlike Slovenian holidays location and…

…into the wild!

Beds inside of the glamp
Inside the glamping house
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