Family Ski Holidays in Slovenia (Ultimate Family Fun 2024)

Your family can book a ski holiday in Slovenia and have it all. Throw in a single ski-pass and this year’s ski holiday destination suddenly becomes a no-brainer.
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Blog Published April 30, 2020
Edited March 29, 2024

Send your friends and relatives a postcard from Slovenia this winter.

Spending quality time with the family is a priority that should never be taken for granted. Nothing is more rewarding than watching your children play and building strong relationships with your loved ones. It’s the best recipe for creating a better world.

Hang on, isn’t this article about ski holidays in Slovenia?

It sure is. Holidays are a fantastic way of maintaining a happy and healthy family life. So, if your family likes winter sports, then why not go skiing. That way you kill two birds with one stone. By “kill” we mean enjoy, “two birds” represent “relaxation and recreation”, and the “stone” is none other than the lovely country of Slovenia.

A family-friendly alpine jewel

Slovenia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for family holidays. Favouritism and self-promotion aside, it’s just a fact. This small, chicken-shaped country is safe, friendly, affordable, and has the most awesomely unique natural environment in Europe. Now that it’s establishing itself on the world map for all those amazing properties, it’s no wonder more and more people are discovering this alpine jewel.

Again, not to sound biased towards other ski destinations – we love popping over the border ourselves – but as far as skiing goes, the best skiing is found in Slovenia. Another fact.

Giant ski resorts high in the Alps can be very appealing. Snow-covered mountains, magical forests, miles of pistes, etc. But they’re also crowded, noisy and expensive. If you’re taking the family along, these skiing jungles can be quite exhausting, which kind of defeats the purpose of any holiday, doesn’t it?

Alternatively, Slovenian ski resorts are not only suitable for kids of all ages, but they’re also parent-friendly as well. Why not enjoy a drink right next to the piste while your child is learning to ski in the trusted hands of a bilingual ski instructor or hitting the slopes by him/herself? No need to keep a watchful eye on them every second or elbow through a mass of skiers to make sure they’re safe.

Family on a snowshoeing adventure

Less hassle, more tranquillity

Kranjska Gora is the definition of how parents with small children can enjoy the sport without any additional hassle that comes along with it. Accommodations are literally meters away from the pistes, most of which are designed for beginners and intermediate skiers. You won’t lose your child and you won’t lose your mind worrying whether the slopes are too demanding.

Kranjska Gora allows you to make every moment spent with your family count and to do so amidst wonderful natural surroundings. Plus, your Christmas budget will stay intact, as Kranjska Gora is considered to be one of the cheapest family ski destinations. A fuller holiday for less money? Sign me up!

Between Ljubljana and Kranjska Gora is another fairy-tale location for young families – Lake Bled. The ski runs are easy and there’s plenty to do in and around the town of Bled. It’s also a great base for exploring the rest of Slovenia’s Julian Alps.

Speaking of fairy-tale locations, the Vogel ski resort has everything for everyone. Despite being so high up in the mountains, Vogel’s slopes vary in difficulty. You’ll be able to find a run for every member of the family. Younger children will have fun in the snow park equipped with a Magic Carpet ski lift, a slope for tobogganing, and a carousel for young first-time skiers.

Teenage snowboarders will fall in love with the off-piste routes, and their parents will fall in love with each-other staring at breath-taking views or getting lost down picturesque cross-country trails. And they all skied happily ever after.

Skiing and reaching the slope finish
Skiing at the finish of the slope

Après-skiing family style

Mind you, ski holidays aren’t just about skiing. Especially if you have kids. Why? Because they’ll get bored. Or you’ll get bored. Fitting a few additional activities into your trip is almost compulsory. Being able to explore a number of other local sites is another advantage of Slovenia and Slovenian ski resorts. Everything is nearby.  

Take the Krvavec ski resort for example. Its immediacy to the capital city of Ljubljana and its international airport make Krvavec a brilliant springboard for day trips. Krvavec has very good natural and artificial snow conditions, allowing the ski season to stretch into late April, so your family can visit a wide array of other local destinations. And when you had enough of exploring the towns and countryside, Krvavec is buzzing with family activities. There’s a ski polygon called Manner Children’s park with obstacles and varied terrain for kids to practice their skills. Ever tried Snowbiking? This Krvavec specialty will be a blast (of snow) for the family.

A similar destination for varied snow-related fun can be found in eastern Slovenia’s Mariborsko Pohorje. You can start off the day by going for a few easy runs, catch a bus to Slovenia’s second largest city Maribor for some urban adventures, then head back to the slopes in time for night skiing.  

Staying in the same region, Rogla is another all-around family ski adventure. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, a Fun Park for snowboarders and freestyle skiers, and a place mischievously called Devil’s Land where your kids will be entertained for eternity… Rogla is packed with excitement and the vicinity of urban life for other types of excitement is merely a bonus.  

The true meaning of an all-inclusive holiday

At the end of the day, it’s not easy finding a suitable destination for active family holidays. Moreover, choosing a location that’s acceptable for a wide range of ages and interests is even harder. Then there’s the aspect of safety and the trip being within your designated budget. Well, consider this as the cherry on top of what you’ve read so far:

A magnificent Alpine landscape is one thing. One that has easily reachable towns and resorts with spas, restaurants, and wonderfully varied terrain for skiing, sledding, and snowboarding is another.

Or your family can book a ski holiday in Slovenia and have it all. Throw in a single ski pass that covers multiple ski resorts and this year’s ski holiday destination suddenly becomes a no-brainer.

Family posing on skiing
Family posing on skiing
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