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Tom Smith blog writter
Tom Smith
Published: 19/03/2021
Updated: 2/06/2021

In recent years, Slovenia has certainly become a European mecca for fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. Offering so many different fishing adventures in such a small area is a huge advantage, and adding some incredible sightseeing to your fishing holidays truly presents you with a fantastic destination you simply have to visit!

Fishing in Soča River

Fly fishing holidays

Fly fishing tourism is certainly the most important part of the freshwater fishing industry. More than 20.000 tourists from all over the world come to fish in Slovenia’s rivers. The majority of anglers want to try our most recognizable rivers Soča with its crystal clear water and the nearby Idrijca, which swirls along the beautiful green forests of the Slovenian Alps. But the main reason for visiting those two rivers is in fact an indigenous species of trout that resides in them, the Marble trout. It can only be found in Slovenia and some bordering rivers in Italy, making it the most desirable fish in Slovenian waters.

Fly Fishing in Idrijca

Besides fishing, in your spare time, you should also try other fun activities promised by Slovenia’s magnificent Alpine region, such as hiking, rafting, or cycling.

Carp fishing holidays

When you mention Slovenia to any foreign carp angler, they will instantly think of Lake Bled. This magical piece of water is home to some of the biggest carp in Europe, if not the whole world. Carp fishermen from everywhere visit Slovenia at least once in their fishing career and they get so overwhelmed with this Alpine pearl that they always end up returning.
Fish weighing over 30 kg are caught in Lake Bled on a daily basis, and with the church and the lake as backdrops, photos become precious memories to put on the wall in your trophy room.
Also, when visiting Bled there are so many other activities you can enroll in besides fishing

Majestic Carp

Sea fishing holidays

In the summer months, when visiting the seaside towns of Koper, Portorož, or any other coastal town, you are presented with the lovely Adriatic Sea, known for its large biodiversity and dense population of fish of different shapes and sizes. Spending one pleasant afternoon or evening on the boat fishing for saltwater residents and seeing the coast from a different perspective certainly sounds like a great plan for a family adventure.

Sea fishing

Fishing for Huchen

This fish is called the King of the River, and its wild reputation attracts scores of anglers who want to conquer its underwater kingdom. In the winter months, from October to February, you can try your luck by catching one of these prehistoric river monsters and ensure that your name will be written in the Slovenian fishing books alongside a few others who succeeded in catching a Huchen. This fish is most common in rivers near Ljubljana, such as the Sava and Ljubljanica.


When visiting Slovenia in winter, you have an opportunity to go skiing, hiking, or cross country skiing.

Ready for the time of your life?

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Tom Smith blog writter
Tom Smith
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