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Mountain huts are a deeply-rooted tradition in Slovenia. Cosy, warm and homely - a place where you can finally take off those heavy hiking boots and have a hearty snack.
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Blog Published April 7, 2020
Edited May 7, 2024

Mountain huts are a deeply-rooted tradition in Slovenia. They’re synonymous with the hills and mountains, the effort it takes to climb them, and the rewards you reap when reaching the summit.

In Slovenian, mountain huts are called “koča”, meaning cabin or hut, but many hikers tend to call them “dom”, which literally translates to home. Because that’s what they become – your mountain home.

Cosy, warm and homely, they’re a place where you can finally take off those heavy hiking boots, dry your clothes and have a hearty snack. And rest!

Before we tell you about our amazing Hut to Hut Hiking Slovenia trips, let’s take a look at what to expect in Slovenian mountain huts and how to play the mountain hut game.

What to expect in a Slovenian mountain hut?

Mountain huts are basic, so don’t expect luxurious accommodations. These are reserved for the valleys. They are clean and have everything a hiker needs after a long day of exploring the wonders of Slovenia’s mountains. Most common are simple, dormitory-style 12-person bunk rooms, but if you’re lucky you can get a private room.

Huts are usually equipped with a dining space, a washroom, restrooms, and an outdoor seating area. The latter comes in the form of large gathering spaces, where hikes exchange stories of their adventures.

Huts at lower altitudes have running water and even showers, while their higher counterparts only have rainwater. As far as space goes, if a hut gets really crowded, the innkeeper may offer you an alternative room to sleep, like the dining room or a commonplace area. You’ll find that warm hospitality comes in the package in the Slovenian mountains.

Huts on Velika Planina
Velika Planina huts

Mountain huts food and drinks

Hut menus consist mainly of local alpine dishes. You’ll definitely regain the calories you lost during your hike and try something new at the same time. Typical food served in most huts are soups with sauerkraut, potatoes, barley sausages, and pork.

The desserts traditionally come in the form of apple strudel or other scrumptious Slovenian pastry. Beverages include water, juices, teas, coffee, and beer. You’re also allowed to bring and eat your own food, but cooking is forbidden.

Food and drink in the mountains aren’t the cheapest. Note that someone actually has to carry supplies all the way up there. The most expensive hut is the Triglavski dom at Kredarica, while huts at lower elevations are somewhat cheaper. Another thing to remember is cash. No credit cards up in the mountains. You’ll have to pay for your food and drinks in cash, so make sure you bring enough Euros.

Booking huts

As far as reservations go: book in advance. July and August get quite busy, so book at least a couple of weeks prior to your visit. Definitely check operating dates, as some huts only operate in the summer. The cost of lodging depends on the hut’s amenities and the elevation level. An insider’s hint: If you’re planning on sleeping in the mountains for longer than two nights, you can get accommodation discounts by becoming a member of the Alpine Association of Slovenia. No, you don’t have to be a Slovenian citizen.  

Reservations are made by contacting the caretaker by phone or email. Slovenians are quite fluent in English, so don’t worry about anything getting lost in translation. And for an even easier ride or hike, you can opt for a lovely hut-to-hike experience package that suits your needs.

Vodnikov hram hut
hut vodnikov hram

Hut-to-hut hiking down the trail of high mountains lakes

As the phrase implies, hut-to-hut hiking involves exploring the mountains in stages by walking from one hut to another. It’s as traditional as the huts themselves.

We’ll be taking you on one such amazing walk, led by an experienced mountain guide. This thematic trail is easy and suitable for everyone. It runs through some of the most scenic sites the Julian Alps have to offer and includes the chance to visit 7 stunning Triglav lakes. Each lake has its own story to tell and so will you. It’ll be about lush pastures and mountain meadows, towering peaks, mysterious lakes, and the thrill of sleeping in authentic Slovenian mountain huts.  

If you have a solid level of fitness in hiking and you would like to add some climbing spice to your tour, then you should definitely try the Triglav tour. On this tour, you will visit the symbol of Slovenia!

A 3-day Triglav hut-to-hut trip in the Slovenian highlands    

Day 1 will kick off at the beautiful glacial Lake Bohinj. Then it’s up through the changing landscape, past woods and pastures, and into the mountains. Approximately 5 hours of moderate hiking will take us to the first mountain hut. A 10-minute walk from the hut there’s a spring of excellent drinking water

After a good night’s sleep, we’ll continue our journey through the Triglav Lakes Valley, stopping off at serine lakes on the way. The route carries on past the highest peaks of the Slovenian Julian Alps, over the Komna Plateau to our next mountain hut sleepover.  

The final leg of our journey will lead us to the top of Mount Krn. From this exceptional panoramic summit, we slowly descend down to Kobarid, where a van will pick us up and drive us back to reality.

I hope you put Slovenia hiking on your bucket list 🙂

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