Is Slovenia safe?

Find out what makes Slovenia one of the safest countries on Earth, making it super safe to travel for your holidays.
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Tom Smith blog writter
Tom Smith
Published: 28/02/2021
Updated: 10/06/2022

Short answer: Yes, Slovenia is super safe.

Longish answer: Safety and the feeling of security, in general, is one of the foremost aspects of traveling, wouldn’t you agree?

To put your mind at ease, this post will disclose the main reasons why your Slovenia Holidays are the safest.

Slovenia ranks 5th among the safest countries on Earth

Slovenia has been gravitating towards the top of the “safest countries in the world list” for decades. Today, the Global Peace Index places Slovenia very high indeed; at number 5 in 2021 to be exact. This includes nasty things like all types of crime and terrorism rate.

The report published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, which included 163 countries, defines safe as: “according to national and international conflicts, level of harmony or disagreement in the country and indicators related to militarization”. Slovenia is doing amazingly well. And it’s no wonder: We strive to build a compassionate and welcoming society at every level.

Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world.

Slovenia makes you feel safe wherever you go

As a small, very accessible country, traveling around Slovenia is easy and extremely safe. Whether you are visiting on your own, as a family, or in an organized group of fellow tourists, you can rest assured that the most dangerous thing is the likelihood of wanting to return to Slovenia every year.

Slovenia’s largest cities (Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Koper, etc.) are small compared to urban hubs of other European countries. Strolling around, day or night, is deemed safe. There is a negligible amount of petty crime like pickpocketing, and any type of mishaps regarding tourists are virtually non-existent.

Slovenia is also a pleasant destination for women solo travelers, people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identification, etc.

Slovenia travel warnings and restrictions

Slovenia has been marked as a destination to which citizens from any country can travel. The ongoing COVID situation has of course limited non-essential travel, so we advise all foreign travelers to Slovenia to check with their country’s embassy first before visiting our lovely land.

 A note on immigration issues by the Slovenian Government:

“Migration is a way of life in the modern world. Like other Member States of the European Union, Slovenia supports the integration of foreigners holding a residence permit. Slovenia adheres to the principles and values of equality, freedom and mutual cooperation. As the personal circumstances of immigrants are different, we devote special attention and care to each individual. We encourage and facilitate their inclusion in cultural, economic and social life.”

Slovenia is LGBTQ+ friendly and gender equality is on the rise

Although the struggle for adequate LGBTQ rights is far from over, as is sadly still the case around the world, Slovenia has strict anti-discrimination laws regarding any type of violence and prejudice against the LGBTQ community. Same-sex partnerships have the same rights of marriage, (for now) excluding joint adoption and vitro fertilization.

Slovenia is also very committed to tackling its remaining gender equality issues. Women in the workplace and society at large have been awarded greater protection and representation of their rights, which is why Slovenia has the 3rd lowest gender pay gap in the EU. Equalizing power relations between women and men is taken very seriously in both governmental and societal activities.

Travelling with children in Ljubljana
Safety of you and your family is not a problem in Slovenia

Freedom of religion in Slovenia

The laws governing this part of Slovenian life guarantee the freedom of religious expression and draw a clear distinction between state and church. Religious discrimination and hatred are illegal. Religious groups are free to practice (most) of their spiritual rituals in Slovenia.  

Common sense is the number one deterrent

Although Slovenia is an exceptionally safe tourist destination, it goes without saying that a dose of good old-fashioned common sense will definitely add to your level of security. Basically, the universal rules of social conduct that apply to any place you visit are advisable for Slovenia as well.

Things like keeping your travel documents, money, credit cards, phones, and other valuables on your person or at a secure location. As mentioned, bigger towns like our capital Ljubljana are safe to stroll around in, but that doesn’t mean that you should push your luck by venturing into areas too far from the center. Streetwise behavior like not attracting attention to yourself or causing unnecessary mayhem will always get you through safely.

Traveling with us means that you’re in safe hands

Besides Slovenia being such a safe tourist destination, when booking your holiday, trip or taking part in any type of activity, your safety is always our top priority.

Whether it’s climbing Mt Triglav, paragliding over Lake Bled, or canyoning down a narrow gorge – our expert guides make sure you return from your adventure safe and sound.  

Ready for the time of your life?

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Tom Smith blog writter
Tom Smith
Tom Smith is a content writer, translator, educator and lyricist. He is also a passionate traveller and explorer of the human condition. Tom works and lives in Ljubljana.

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