Ski Holidays in Slovenia (Your 2024 Winter Holiday Destination)

Not only are the Slovenian Alps as spectacular as the rest of the mountain range, they come with a few cool bonus features. 
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Blog Published April 10, 2020
Edited March 29, 2024

 A perfect ski adventure begins in the perfect location 

How do I fill my lungs with fresh alpine air, enjoy breath-taking views, relax, and get some physical exercise all in one? Go skiing, of course. And where’s the best place to do that? Slovenia, naturally.

But with so many ski destinations sprinkled throughout Europe, why pick Slovenia? The answer is simple: location, value for money, and location again. 

Ski slopes at your doorstep

This pocket-sized, chicken-shaped country is geographically perfect for engaging in winter sports. Not only are the Slovenian Alps as spectacular as the rest of the mountain range, but they also come with a few cool bonus features. 

Number one is accessibility. Regardless of where you start your journey, the transfer times to the best ski resorts are ridiculously short. Most are within an hour’s drive from the international airport or 30 minutes from the nearest motorway or town.

Also, the main ski resorts themselves are located so close to one another you can stay at or visit more than one in a single holiday. It’s called going on a ski safari, and it’s more than worth it! From family-friendly facilities to adrenaline junky slopes, this network of resorts is connected by regular bus runs and makes planning day trips easy.

Ski slope with skiers
Ski slope with skiers

Two magical lakes, multiple ski areas, one ski pass – bingo!

Despite their proximity, each ski resort comes with entirely different surroundings that offer a unique skiing experience. 

If you want a laid-back holiday while throwing some skiing into the mix, one of the best options is the world-renowned lakeside town of Bled. Besides its picturesque location, iconic island and tons of winter activities, it’s also a great starting point for… well, more incredible winter activities. 

Situated a short bus ride from Bled is another stunning lake, the wild and wonderful Lake Bohinj. Cradled among the mountains, Bohinj’s collection of small villages represents a perfect winter getaway. And, you’ve guessed it, it’s yet another stepping stone to an amazing ski resort.  

Just hop on the cable car and ascend high above the Bohinj Valley, where you’ll find the Vogel ski resort. This resort is superb for beginners and advanced skiers alike. Mind-blowing views come in the package. 

Wait, there’s more. Ski holidays in Slovenia are practically synonymous with this place. It’s another excellent example of a ski resort that doubles as a base for exploring other ski areas. We’re talking about the one and only Kranjska Gora.

With its top-notch ski schools, the charming town of Kranjska Gora is perfect for a family holiday. It’s packed with restaurants, hotels, saunas, and hosts annual World Cup slalom and ski jumping events. What else could you possibly need?

A ski pass, that’s what. Done! You can enjoy all the above-mentioned resorts and more with a single ski pass. Yes, you’ve read sss. 

Plenty of snowfall in the Slovenian Alps (It never runs dry)

None of this could be possible without the main ingredient – snow. Although the ski season usually runs from early November to late February, snow conditions in Slovenia are known to provide enough snowfall for the season to stretch well into March.

Slovenia doesn’t have glaciers, so you’d think one of the biggest concerns would be snow quality. Think again. Even the lowest-lying ski resorts are equipped with state-of-the-art show machines that can provide enough of the tuff till as late as May. Imagine that! 

Resting stop for skiers with cafe, church and mountains in the background
Hut and skiers

How does a private piste sound?

Unlike the famous yet overcrowded ski resorts, Slovenia offers a much freer ski experience. Sure, bank holidays and weekends may get busy during the high season, but Slovenian resorts are often relatively quiet. If you hit the slopes on a weekday, you can find yourself skiing on an (almost) empty piste. 

Leave the hustle and bustle of life in the valley. Or the office. Skiing shouldn’t be about waiting in long queues and avoiding collisions. It’s about freeing the body and spirit without slaloming through crowds of other tourists.

An affordable and authentic alpine adventure 

So, when you think about zooming down powdery white slopes surrounded by majestic mountains what usually pops to mind are the big four – France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. However, these come at a price.

In addition to the crowded pistes, these resorts are becoming increasingly expensive. Even for westerners. A ski holiday in Slovenia has all the same perks, but with two advantages: It’s at least 30% cheaper and unimaginably more authentic.

Have a cup of mulled wine, take in the views, taste the local cuisine, and… ski! Or ice climbing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Or go ice-skating on a frozen Alpine lake. And do so without worrying about your budget. Now doesn’t that sound like the best ski holiday ever? 

Oh, by the way, the 2020/2021 ski season will be here just around the corner and we hear it’s going to be snowtastic. So make sure you book your next vacation now!

Family of skiers photo on a sunny day
Skiing family group photo
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