Logar Valley

One of the most scenic Alpine glacial valleys in Slovenia

The Logar Valley is undeniably among the most scenic Alpine glacial valleys in Slovenia. Located in the northern Solčava Region, this pristine place is tucked away from the modern world, its landscape park offering fantastic opportunities for hiking, cycling, horseback riding and spa relaxation. There’s a natural and ethnographic trail that leads through the valley’s unspoilt nature along which visitors can discover remarkable rare flora. The valley is famous for its numerous waterfalls, the most notable of which is the 90-metre Rinka. Wooden granaries called ‘kašče’ are an important part of the local cultural heritage and the Logar Valley also boasts plenty of authentic cuisine, typical for this region. In winter, when the valley is covered in snow, cross-country skiing, sledding, downhill skiing and ski touring become a way of life for locals and visitors. You can even put your climbing skills to the test by scaling the frozen waterfalls.

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