Plečnik House

The home of the most famous Slovenian architect, Jože Plečnik presented as it was during his life

Observe the life and work of the most famous Slovene architect, Jože Plečnik. This master of his craft left a prominent mark on Ljubljana’s cityscape as well as those of Prague and Vienna. The Plečnik House presents the architect’s home as it was during his lifetime. A permanent exhibition is housed there that will give you an incredible insight into Plečnik’s life and work, with emphasis on his fascinating plans for Ljubljana. Various sketches, plans, models and photographs of famous creations are on display, like the National and University Library, the Ljubljana Central Market, and the Church of St Michael in the Marshes. Additionally, you get to view wonderful plans for buildings that never left the drawing board, the most notable is the Cathedral of Freedom, intended to house the Slovenian Parliament. The Plečnik House also houses the architect’s original furniture, his library, drawing tools, personal belongings, and a giant archive of blueprints and models.

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