Holidays in Slovenia (5 reasons why you must visit)

As the greenest, friendliest and most adventure-packed country on your bucket list, Slovenia is a place that will satisfy your five senses in one holiday!
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Blog Published May 24, 2020
Edited May 7, 2024

As the greenest, friendliest and most adventure-packed country on your bucket list, Slovenia is a place that will satisfy your five senses in one holiday quicker and more intensely than you could possibly imagine

There are way too many reasons for visiting Slovenia that could possibly fit into one short article. However, that’s no excuse for not providing you with a teaser.

 Here’s a list of the top 5 REASONS why Slovenia is the best holiday destination for lovers of nature, culture, sports, and culinary delights. So virtually everyone.

Slovenia is a NATURAL WONDER beyond compare

In comparison to most European countries, Slovenia is quite tiny. But as they say, big things come in small packages. And when it comes to natural beauty, Slovenia is huge. Not to mention diverse. Traveling around this country will allow you to experience multiple geographical regions in one short journey.

The unbelievably stunning Julian Alps promise the finest views, rivers, waterfalls meadows, pastures, and serene fairy-tale lakes like the world-famous Lake Bled and its close cousin Lake Bohinj. On a clear day, you can see the mountains from the Adriatic Sea, which is a very short drive away.  

Almost 60% of Slovenia is covered in forests, making it one of the greenest countries on the planet. These are cut into by awe-inspiring valleys, basins, farmlands, and plateaus, like the one-of-a-kind Slovenian Karst. There’s not a nook or cranny that isn’t in or in the immediate vicinity of nature.  

Not all of Slovenia’s natural treasures can be found above ground. Caves are an absolute must on your Slovenian holiday checklist. The Postojna Cave is a world-renowned phenomenon, and located a stone’s throw away is the UNESCO-protected Škocjan Cave.

Postojna cave inside
Postojna cave inside

Slovenia is a hub for SPORTS and OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES

Slovenia’s natural world gives so much more than just fresh air and sightseeing excursions. It provides our beloved holidaymakers with an endless array of outdoor activities.

The Slovenian mountains are literally the promised land for sports enthusiasts of all levels – from kids to adrenaline junkies. Wintertime and early spring transform the country into a skier’s paradise. There are dozens of well-connected, affordable, and uncrowded ski resorts that offer an amazing time on the slopes. Therefore, a ski holiday in Slovenia is undeniably a trip worth taking. And retaking.

In summer, the whole country is buzzing with activities. Its gorgeous rivers that flow through gorges and valleys are perfect for white-water rafting and kayaking, while its spectacular lakes present a splendid opportunity to test your balance on a SUP. You can even experience SUP Ljubljana in the Slovenian capital city.

Slovenia has also been blessed with natural springs, the healing properties of which can be enjoyed in a number of thermal spas and waterparks.      

The wide-open countryside of Slovenia invites you to go walking across its mountainous and hilly terrain, cycling or even horse ride through the fields and endless forests, and go for a swim in the sea, a  wild river, or an alpine lake. If you feel like it, you can do all of that in a single day. Yes, one day.

Hiking on Osojnica Bled
Hiking on Osojnica Bled

Slovenia’s HISTORY and CULTURE are felt in epic proportions

A journey to Slovenia is also a trip back in time. Despite being a very modern country, the place is brimming with history. We’re talking about prehistoric artifacts, Roman ruins, medieval castles, ancient churches, the list goes on. Legends, customs, traditions, scientific advances, artistic exploits – Slovenia is stamped with a unique and inspiring cultural heritage.  

Only gaining its independence in 1991, this fledgling country used to be ruled over by numerous empires, kingdoms and states, all of which had an immense ethnic and cultural impact on the country and its people. From Celtic tribes and Roman legions, to early Slavic settlers and Germanic warlords, from Turkish invaders to Balkan unions – they all left a mark.

The long list of museums provides visitors with a comprehensive insight into what life was like back in the days of old. These are scattered throughout the country and can easily be found in its colourful towns, villages, and countryside. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s stunning and compact capital, is the melting pot of cultural events. Galleries, restaurants, music venues, and other fun stuff are in season all year round.

Slovenia’s CULINARY EXPERIENCE is unforgettable 

Food and drink. They represent the essence of any culture and are directly connected to the land that births them. Slovenia’s cuisine spans centuries and its varieties can be tasted in top-notch restaurants. It’s most warmly recommended to have a bite of something local wherever you happen to be. Each region, no, practically every micro area of the Slovenian countryside has something delicious and different to taste. You can’t go wrong by munching down at Slovenian eco-farms and farmsteads. Pure heaven.

As far as drinks go, Slovenia is the land of wine. And beer. But primarily wine. The latter is ranked among the best in the world. Wine tours will take you into the heart of Slovenia’s vineyards, where you can try these exquisite liquids in their enviable assortment of colors, fragrances, and tastes. You can have a memorable wine tasting in Ljubljana and wine tasting Bled. Cheers!

Desert on a dark black plate
Slovenian gourmet food

Slovenia’s PEOPLE are open and hospitable

The richness of Slovenian culture resonates most profoundly with its people. In addition to the thousands of expats in North and South America and Australia, the population of Slovenia befits the country’s size. Roughly 2 million people inhabit the ‘sunny side of the Alps. Yet due to its above-mentioned affluent history, Slovenia’s gene pool is as diverse as the land itself.

Slovenians truly are a fantastic tribe. Ask any foreigner who has ever stepped foot on Slovenian soil, the answer will be unanimous: “Slovene people are open-hearted and exceptionally hospitable.” Urban and rural dwellers alike will gladly lend you a helping hand, point you to where you want to go, and share a friendly conversation. They will simply make you feel at home. And that’s what counts.

Another upside of being at the crossroads of Europe is that Slovenians are fluent in English. Especially those below the age of sixty. A most welcoming plus when it comes to traveling.

Now that your interest has been sparked, go book that plane ticket, hop on that train or step on that accelerator.

For those who are about to fall in love with Slovenia: We wish you happy travels! And for all of you who are already smitten: Welcome back!

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