Slovenian Karst

Part of the massive limestone plateau, the Slovenian Karst is famous for a long list of natural and cultural heritage wonders.

Part of the massive limestone plateau that stretches from eastern Italy to Albania, the Slovenian Karst is a magnificent region of Slovenia, famous for a long list of natural and cultural heritage wonders. The name itself – karst – was coined after this part of our country and refers to this type of geological phenomena around the world. In short, it’s the cradle of karst exploration. This bora-swept region is home to a unique subterranean landscape, like the famous Postojna Cave and its UNESCO protected cousins, the Škocjan Cave. The latter are a system of caves with the highest cave bridge in the world. Another of nature’s magic tricks is performed partially above ground by the nearby Lake Cerknica, one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. Besides vanishing lakes and cave-welling dragons, the Slovenian Karst also has dancing horses. Indigenous to this area, these stunning white beauties are called Lipizzaner horses and come from Lipica. Hence their name. Even Queen Elizabeth II was given one as a gift on her visit. Another world-class Karst feature is wine. Teran, an autochthonous variety of red wine, is of the highest quality and is produced in these parts.

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