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If you’re looking for diversity in all the right places, then you should definitely travel to Ljubljana for some sightseeing.
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Blog Published February 17, 2021
Edited May 7, 2024

Have you ever been to a magnificent, cozy yet metropolitan European capital with perfect sightseeing options and tons of things to do?

If you’re looking for diversity in all the right places, then you should definitely travel to Ljubljana and tour the city. There are heaps of things to see in Ljubljana and its wider surroundings throughout the year.

There are unlimited things to do and places to see in Ljubljana

With a colorful and long history, rich assortment of traditions, and the natural world literally on its doorstep, Ljubljana can be placed among Europe’s top sightseeing destinations.

Small in size yet giant in character, it’s very easy to play the tourist in Ljubljana. And it’s a highly addictive game. It gives Slovenia Holidays immense pleasure to present you with 5 superb sightseeing options for your next Ljubljana vacation.

View of Ljubljana Castle

1. Taste Ljubljana, the delicious subalpine dessert

Ljubljana is as tasty to try as it is to look at. Besides amazing architecture, museums, galleries and other places of culture, a gastronomical experience is practically obligatory. We all have to eat, so why not eat well when on holiday.

Slovenia offers an extremely wide selection of authentic dishes, top-quality wines, and scrumptious beers that will appeal to every taste. Besides pubs and fantastic restaurants sprouting up on every corner, the city’s culinary scene can also be experienced in super imaginative ways.

You can truly learn a lot about Slovene culture through the stomach. Wine, beer, food tastings, tours, or even a Foodie City Break in Ljubljana are your best chance of exploring this side of our culture. You can even enhance your creative kitchen skills by joining a cooking class and return home equipped with a broader knowledge of Slovenian dishes. Check out the foodie fun, it’s finger-licking good!

Prekmurska Gibanica – traditional layered pastry from Prekmurje

2. Did you know Ljubljana is stunning from any perspective?

Ljubljana from below

Sightseeing in Ljubljana can be approached in various interesting ways. One of them is by traversing down the city’s iconic Ljubljanica River in a kayak or paddleboard (SUP). The fact that Ljubljana is surrounded by such pristine nature so very close is reason enough, but let’s add two more for good measure: The trip is super healthy, as you paddle quite a distance, and you get to do so right in the center of town, where you can muse at all the wonderful sights and sounds.

SUP-ing on Ljubljanica River Canal

Ljubljana from above

How about a bird’s-eye-view? If you don’t have a fear of heights, you should definitely hop on a hot air balloon and take in the spectacular views of Ljubljana and its surroundings from above. Besides seeing all the main landmarks and Ljubljana’s special features, the mountains, plains, forests, and the giant mysterious Ljubljana Marshes will take your breath away.

Hot Air Ballooning over Ljubljana center

3. Ljubljana on two wheels

While staying in Ljubljana, travel about a bit by adding some sporty activities to your holiday. A lovely option for that is biking. Any kind of biking. On an extended Active City Break, you get to discover the city’s treasures on a bike tour, go on a hiking trip to a gorgeous Alpine plateau, or get your rush on along the inner-city forest trails. Yes, you read that correctly. Ljubljana has world-class mountain bike trails crisscrossing a hill that’s located in the town itself.

In terms of sightseeing, Ljubljana also has a few exciting cycling activities up its sleeve for those who are in Slovenia on longer stays or in town on short breaks. Joining a road cycling tour around our country’s main town introduces you to the hidden gems of the Slovenian countryside, while a tour of the Ljubljana Marshes gives you that back-to-nature vibe you won’t find in most other EU capitals.

Cycling through Tivoli Park

4. A classic Ljubljana visit with a twist: snap your way through town

Today, taking photos on every step has become second nature to most of us. How does taking those steps in the company of a professional photographer while on a sightseeing tour of Ljubljana sound? We would guess: amazing!

A photo tour of Ljubljana allows you to sharpen your focus at all the right angles. And Ljubljana is a beautifully photogenic model. Her graceful architecture, astonishing curves, edges, and mesmerizing colors down the embankment of the Old Town will inspire you no end. Additionally, you will brush up on your photo skills to make your friends back home even more envious when browsing through your Instagram profile.

Taking a photo

5. When staying in Ljubljana, sightseeing never has to be limited to … Ljubljana

When you run out of things to do in Ljubljana or want to see some other parts of Slovenia, the list of Day Trips from Ljubljana has you covered. Visit the Alps. Discover the wonders of Triglav National Park, with its winding rivers and scenic valley. Go truffle hunting in Istria or wine touring in the Slovenian Karst. Venture into the underground passages of Postojna Cave. It’s up to you, really.

Here’s another one. Imagine, if you will, that you’re staying in Ljubljana for a fortnight. It shouldn’t be hard to do. Now imagine you get a burning desire to see the best of Slovenia in let’s say… five days?

Great, go for it. You can visit all the major locations and experience the things that make them so on a five-day holiday, then return to Ljubljana for some more fun in the city of dragons!

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