Slovenian Holidays with Kids 2024

Traveling to Slovenia with kids? Good for you! Nothing broadens the horizons like a holiday abroad in the greenest country!
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Blog Published June 12, 2020
Edited May 7, 2024

The most family-friendly country you’ll ever revisit.

Traveling with kids? Good for you! Nothing broadens the horizons like a holiday abroad. Thinking of where to take your family next? Great, the answer is holidays in Slovenia.

But before we attempt to convince you that Slovenia is the unchallengeable champion of family holiday destinations, let’s tick the most important things off the list first.

  • Pristine countryside with family-friendly activities. Check.
  • Educational and extremely fun. Check.
  • Easy to travel around with kids. Check.
  • Safe. Double check.

OK, now it’s time to embark on that unforgettable adventure you’ll be bragging about to your loved ones via Instagram or at family gatherings for years to come.

Hiking, biking, river and lakeside activities in the embrace of nature  

In this day and age, one of the best presents you’ll ever give your children is the gift of nature. Majestic mountains, wondrous woodlands, rolling hills, lakes, and rivers, and hopefully not a screen in sight. The Slovenian countryside is perfect for getting your kids interested in the outdoors. A massive network of intermediate hiking trails can be found around places like Bled, the Logar Valley, Pokljuka, Velika Planina, and Kranjska Gora, to list just a few.

Biking down country lanes, going for a walk up to beautiful waterfalls or SUPing on alpine lakes, or experiencing SUP Ljubljana is a fantastic way for the family to get some exercise. Daytrips can be spent exploring gorges or going rafting down rivers, topping it off with a picnic near the serene Lake Bohinj.   

Adventure parks are another healthy way to spend the day in the outdoors. One such place is Adventure Park Bled. Children will be occupied for hours on its eighty-plus attractions and the surrounding views are amazing.  

Two kids riding two horses

A family ski holiday in Slovenia is just what the doctor ordered

Taking your kids skiing to Slovenia is like entering a winter fairy-tale. No lions or witches, but plenty of snow-filled fun for the whole family. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia’s most famous ski resort, is equipped to the brim with family facilities.

Multilingual ski instructors, nursery slopes, snow parks and green pistes are right at your hotel’s doorstep.

Then there’s the Krvavec ski resort. The nearest ski resort to an international airport has a ski polygon for kids and a snow park with obstacles. Krvavec is a blast for the family.

A similar destination is Rogla, an all-around family ski adventure. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, a Fun Park for snowboarders and freestyle skiers, and a place called Devil’s Land. Your kids are bound to be entertained. Numerous ideal family outing options are available and they can meet the standards of the top world destinations.

Also, the Slovenian slopes are not as crowded as other western destinations, so parents’ nerves will be less frayed and the kids will be able to venture on the snow independently.

Family skiing on Holidays
Family skiing

Magical caves and mythical castles

Kids love fairy tales and legends, and Slovenia happens to be the land of dragons, mysterious caves, and ancient castles. The Predjama Castle, a medieval manor perched on a cliffside, is something straight out of a Tolkien novel. Another real medieval marvel is the Bled Castle. This thousand-year-old castle offers an awesome view of the lake and mountains. Its museum and restaurant will make sure your family is in for a royal treat. And there are hundreds more super-duper forts and castles all over the countryside.

Down the road from the medieval rock castle is the world-famous natural wonder called the Postojna Cave. The train ride that takes you deep into the underground will be engraved in your kids’ memories forever. Postojna Cave is also home to the human fish. Or “baby dragon”. Near Postojna is UNESC protected Škocjan Cave. A system of spectacular subterranean chambers with the highest cave bridge in the world.

Predjama castle, the biggest cave castle in the world
Predjama castle

Glamping in treehouses and farmland fun 

Spending the night in a treehouse is what childhood fantasies are made of and they can be realized at Garden Village Bled. It’s one of many glamping options in Slovenia that offers your family a relaxing stay in the wilderness with all the amenities of a hotel. For a more ‘back to nature’ camping experience, the Natura Eco Camp just outside Kranjska Gora is another way of introducing the stillness of Slovenia’s natural environment to your kids.

Natural lodgings are superb, but what about the grub? Not only food but a proper comprehensive farm life experience can also be had at a Slovenian tourist farm. You can even get your hands dirty and see first-hand what it’s like to live off the land.

A growing number of eco-farms are popping up all over Slovenia. You can taste the local cuisine and your kids are guaranteed to fall in love with the orchids, meadows, and the animals grazing there.     

Learning about the history and culture of Slovenia

There are all kinds of exciting and educational things to explore in Slovenia. Visiting Ljubljana with kids, specifically the Ethnographic Museum, for instance, is a great way for children to learn about the local people and their history. And things aren’t always what they seem, as the House of Illusions will undoubtedly prove.

Traveling out of the capital to the former monastery in Bistra, the Technical Museum of Slovenia is certainly a destination worth heading to. Children will learn something new and test their skills at various workshops. Open-air museums are also very popular among families. They’re lovely time portals into the world of Slovenians of old. Be sure to check out Open-Air Museum Rogatec and the WWII Partisan Hospital Franja.  

Great accessibility and superb accommodations

Whichever time of year you choose to visit Slovenia with your children, be assured that traveling around the country is easy. One of the main contributing factors in this department is Slovenia’s size. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the wilderness or not finding a place to stay. Road connections are excellent and various types of accommodations can be found on every step.

Hotels and other lodgings offer special cots, cribs, extra beds and family-size rooms. Ski resorts are extremely well-prepared with modern, state-of-the-art facilities. Restaurants are child-friendly, providing high-chairs, children’s menus, etc. Yes, they’ve got pizza. Many inns and restaurants have playgrounds, and in the countryside, adorable farm animals are known to be regulars.

In conclusion: Slovenia is the ideal holiday destination for and with kids.  

Teenagers and littluns alike will be highly entertained. And so will their parents. You’ll get the chance to go on a ton of outdoor adventures and learn a great deal about a land saturated in myths, legends and history.  

Visit Slovenia, your family deserves it.

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