Franja Partisan Hospital

A symbol of resistance and one of Slovenia’s most iconic WWII cultural and historic heritage sites.

The Franja Partisan Hospital is one of Slovenia’s most iconic WWII cultural and historic heritage sites as well as a symbol of resistance against Fascism. The hospital’s well-hidden complex consists of 14 wooden cabins and several auxiliary facilities. Erected between December 1943 and May 1945 in the narrow and not easily accessible Pasice near the town of Cerkno, the hospital was named after the partisan physician Dr Franja Bojc Bidovec, who assumed the position of administrator in the hospital soon after it was founded. Franja was one of the best-equipped secret partisan hospitals with a surgery cabin, an X-ray cabin, a handicapped care facility, and even its very own miniature power plant. Approximately 100 wounded could be treated there at one time, with the total number of wounded treated at this remarkable facility reaching around 900 patients of various nationalities.

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