Food Tour Bled

A food tour at Lake Bled, where you can taste authentic Slovenian dishes and desserts while learning about Slovenian culinary traditions.

Foodies worldwide, unite! Food tours are becoming a growing trend in Slovenia, a country where the gastronomical scene is flourishing. A food tour of Bled, Slovenia’s most famous emblem, starts in a 100-year-old wine cellar, formally a traditional ice chamber where visitors are served a mixture of incredibly tasty appetizers and high-end local wine. This is followed by a stroll to Babji Zob, the region of Carniola’s very first inn. Tourers try numerous authentic Slovenian dishes and desserts as well as learn a great deal about the Slovenian culinary tradition. The food tour is commonly attended by people from all over the world who enjoy good food and share the desire to learn about the local culture and its intrinsic connection with gastronomy.

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