Kozjak Waterfall

One of the most instagramable waterfalls in Slovenia located in the Soča Valley near Kobarid.

The stunning Kozjak waterfall, falling gracefully within a stony chamber, is arguably among the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. Located near Kobarid, above the emerald Soča River, the Kozjak stream transforms into a 15-metre-high waterfall. This popular natural landmark is hidden from the outside world by dark walls, covered in limestone sediments. A marked footpath leads straight to the waterfall, lined with wooden bridges and ends with a terrace with a magical view of the rocky formation, a green pool and the gushing beam of water. The Kozjak Waterfall is also one of the sites on the Kobarid Historical Trail and is suitable for families. Its cool environment makes it a great day trip during hotter months.

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