Kranjska Gora

A charming alpine resort in north-western Slovenia, famous for its après ski atmosphere and numerous outdoor activities.

Kranjska Gora was first mentioned in written sources in 1326, but is believed to have been settled as early as the 11th century by Slovenes from Carantania. A railroad connection was built in 1870, unofficially starting the age of tourism. During the First World War, in 1916, Russian prisoners of war built a wooden chapel above the town commemorating their comrades killed in an avalanche while building a road over the Vršič Pass. Today, Kranjska Gora is a world-renowned ski resort with numerous modern hotels right on the ski slopes. It offers visitors an incredible array of outdoor activities all-year-long. Mountain biking, hiking up the mountains, ice climbing and via ferrata excursions make Kranjska Gora a fantastic sports hub to visit or stay in. Excellent road accessibility means you can also visit other top destinations like Bohinj, Bled, Bovec and even Ljubljana easily. Not to mention Austria and Italy are a stone’s throw away, making Kranjska Gora a superb base for day trips.

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