Ljubljana Marshes natural reserve

The largest marshland in the country located south of Ljubljana and famous for its archeological excavations.

The Ljubljana Marshes are located just south of the capital Ljubljana and are the largest marshland in the country. Inhabited since prehistoric times when it was but a shallow lake, the Ljubljana Marshes were home to pile dwellers around six millennia ago and have been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the most prominent archaeological findings is also the world’s oldest wooden wheel (5000 years old) was discovered. Covering 163 km2, the Marshes are also a lush, green haven of biodiversity. The natural reserve is at its most appealing in summer, when the place comes alive with outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, horse riding and kayaking. Its flooded groves and networks of drainage canals are home to over 100 species of birds, which make it an excellent birdwatching destination. Ljubljana Marshes are the habitat for several bird species endangered across Europe and the world, the more prominent among which being the corncrake, the Eurasian curlew, the common quail, the Eurasian woodcock, the Eurasian scops owl, the whinchat, the grasshopper warbler and the northern harrier. The Marshes also include 90 species of butterflies, dragonflies and a large collection of amphibians. Its ecosystem performs natural air, water and soil purification, making the Marshes an indispensable part of Ljubljana’s natural environment.

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