Medieval town of Radovljica

A medieval town close to Lake Bled and home of centuries-old Slovenian beekeeping traditions.

Radovljica was first mentioned as a market town in 1333 and was officially recorded as such at the end of the 15th century. The beautiful Old Town centre is positioned atop a natural promontory, with a varied selection of incredibly well-preserved architecture, which includes museums, galleries and other attractions. Radolvljica is a time capsule that tells many stories of Slovenian history and tradition. Many of the buildings date back centuries and are decorated with original frescoes from various periods. A must-sees sightseeing landmark is the Radovljica Mansion, with its Baroque Hall where concerts, receptions, weddings and other events are held on a regular basis. Then there’s the Live Gingerbread Workshop, a living museum where you can observe the production of the traditional gingerbread hearts. A guided tour in multiple languages is available. An excellent example of Gothic architecture is the church of St. Peter and its surrounding buildings. The Old Town is surrounded by the remains of a medieval defence wall, which includes the only remaining town moat in Slovenia. There’s also a renovated tunnel underneath for visitors to stroll through. The Radovljica Manor, another lovely building, houses the Museum of Apiculture, offering a fascinating insight into Slovenia’s famous bees and their honey. On the first Sunday in August, Radovljica hosts its annual Medieval Day, celebrating the town’s history by recreating its medieval crafts and traditions. Both local and foreign tourists come to watch the displays and browse the market stalls packed with authentic handicrafts. Radovljica’s Linhart Square is also famous for hosting various kinds of events throughout the year and is a perfect location to sit and watch this ancient town come alive.

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