Ojstrica & Osojnica hikes

Perfect hiking spots for the best views of Lake Bled, popular with photographers and influencers.

Ever wondered where all those stunning shots of Lake Bled were taken?
There are a couple of easily-accessible hills right next to the lake that offer spectacular vistas of the whole Bled area as well as the mountains in the back. Ojstrica’s literal translation is “Sharp Peak” and it’s a super romantic spot overlooking Lake Bled. A 20-minute hike up a relatively steep path takes you to a special bench, arguably one of the most “hashtaged” places near Bled. Unsurprisingly, Ojstrica is hence the location of many marriage proposals. You can see all the way to Slovenia’s famous Mt. Stol, the Savska raven Plain and the Karawanks’ ridge, making the panoramic views breath-taking. For those of you who want to hike a bit more, Osojnica hill is the way to go. It's divided between two peaks, "Mala", which means small, and "Velika", which means big. You can extend your hike to Ojstrica, reaching the top of Mala Osojnica in about 40 minutes. If you prefer a longer walk in solitude, you can opt for Velika Osojnica.

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