Predjama Castle

No, it’s not a fairy-tale. But it might as well be. If you’ve never seen an ancient castle perched within a giant cliff, now’s your chance. According to the Guinness Book of Records, The Predjama Castle is the largest cave castle in the world. Its structure hasn’t been altered for over 500 years. As the legend goes, the last person to order renovation works on the place was Slovenia’s very own Robin Hood, Erasmus of Lueg. This renowned 15th century robber baron apparently constructed a network of underground tunnels to supply himself with food when besieged by his enemies. No wonder the Game of Thrones author simply had to pose for a photo in front of this mythical castle while on his visit to Slovenia. All that’s missing is a dragon in a cave. Well, to see that you’ll have to travel a bit further down the road to Postojna.

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