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Ljubljana is undeniably among the most uniquely charming cities you’ll ever visit. This small yet vibrant, laidback yet modern European capital has all the perks of a big city.

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Ivana Bole
Published: 06/04/2021
Updated: 12/04/2022

Ljubljana is undeniably among the most uniquely charming cities you’ll ever visit. This small yet vibrant, laidback yet modern European capital has all the perks of a big city while being exceptionally easy to navigate and is an excellent starting point for exploring wider Slovenia.

Truth be told, like Slovenia itself, Ljubljana is a top destination to visit all-year-round. There are always plenty of exciting things to do and interesting sights to marvel at. It depends on individual preferences, of course, so it’s nice to know what to expect according to the time of year.

Although we highly recommend you visit Ljubljana in every season, we’ve nonetheless created a short overview of the city’s features throughout the year that will help you decide on when is your best time to visit Ljubljana.

Prešeren square with pink church, the main square of Ljubljana
Ljubljana main square

Ljubljana’s Climate

Ljubljana is strategically situated in a specious basin on the doorsteps of the Alps and holds a near perfect central position that acts as a crossroads to other major regions of Slovenia, which means it’s affected by the country’s four prevailing microclimates.

Meteorologically speaking, Ljubljana has an oceanic climate, bordering on a humid subtropical climate zone with continental characteristics, such as warm to hot summers and moderately cold winters.

Spring at Ljubljana Three Bridges
Spring in Ljubljana


Because of its aforementioned location, average temperatures in Ljubljana can vary drastically and are therefore quite difficult to predict. That said, compared to popular tourist destinations worldwide, Ljubljana is known for having very agreeable temperatures. If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Ljubljana, then June, July and August are your safest bet. July and August are the warmest months with daily highs somewhere between 25 and 30 °C (77 and 86 °F) with temperatures rarely dropping below 62.4°F (16.9°C) at night. On the other hand, January is the coldest month with temperatures mostly lingering around 0 °C (32 °F).

Child having fun looking at rain boots in Ljubljana
Streets of Ljubljana


Precipitation is relatively evenly distributed throughout the four seasons, yet surprisingly, winter and spring can even be somewhat drier than summer and autumn. Yearly precipitation is about 1,400 mm (55 in), making Ljubljana one of the wettest European capitals. Thunderstorms are common from May to September and can occasionally be quite heavy. Snow can be expected from December to February (or later), but snowfall has decreased substantially in recent years. Due to the large marshlands in its vicinity and persistent temperature inversion, Ljubljana is known for its fog (average 64 days of fog per year), mostly in autumn and winter.

Ljubljana in winter
Ljubljana in winter

Best time to visit Ljubljana by month

Ljubljana in December

If you want to experience a winter fairy-tale in Ljubljana, then December is definitely the jolliest month of the year. Ljubljana’s wacky light decorations are true art installations you will never get tired of admiring. There’s a different theme every year and the streets and squares are transformed into gorgeous outdoor venues of various types of events. Christmas markets are a big thing in Ljubljana in December. Temperatures are low but spirits are high. And so are prices. The winter high season means you should book your holidays in advance, as accommodations tend to fill up quickly.

Ljubljana Christmas lights
Ljubljana Christmas lights

Ljubljana in January

January is marked by fewer tourists, a greater chance of snow as well as cheaper accommodation and activities. You can go ice skating, skiing, sledding or attend ski events in the mountains. It also makes visiting other popular attractions, such as Postojna Cave or Lake Bled, both a short drive away, or to enjoy the less crowded landmarks and museums in the capital.

bled lake island in winter
Bled Island in winter

Ljubljana in February  

February is even colder, but that doesn’t stop Ljubljana from being a hot destination. It may sound unlikely, but February is quite popular among foreign visitors. 8 February is National Day of Culture, and museums, galleries and other cultural institutions are free-of-charge.

Slovenia’s pagan Halloween-tyle carnival called Pust takes place throughout the country, and Ljubljana is a great place for seeing a mardi gras procession in the centre of town.  

Famous Slovenian traditional carnival masks kurent
Carnival in Slovenia

Ljubljana in March  

March is when spring begins to awake in Ljubljana. The weather gets warmer, days longer, and the proper tourist season is still far enough for you to enjoy a less crowded Ljubljana. March isn’t that rainy, so sightseeing in Ljubljana and its surroundings is superb. People venture into the streets, the Open Kitchen food market is open for business, and the parks become more inviting. Skiing is still on the menu, as are major ski events, like the Vitranc Cup at Kranjska Gora Ski Jumping World Cup Finals, both of which are a stone’s throw away from Ljubljana.

Open Kitchen in Ljubljana
Open Kitchen in Ljubljana

Ljubljana in April  

Springtime is here! Easter celebrations and various other festivals in and around Ljubljana take centre stage. The weather is warmer yet unpredictable. Wet spells are common, so you should always plan on packing enough of everything. Hiking, cycling and water activities can be enjoyed without the crowds, and Ljubljana’s nearest ski resort of Krvavec usually has excellent skiing conditions well into April. Coincidently, April is also the least humid month and strolling around our capital becomes very inviting.   

Ljubljana city center
Ljubljana city center

Ljubljana in May  

May in Ljubljana is a flagship month of great weather and balmy temperatures. The nearby mountainous regions become more accessible. In fact, the entire country opens up, and Ljubljana, Europe’s greenest capital, is in full bloom during this pre-peak period. The arboretum on Ljubljana’s outskirts is therefore a must, as are Ljubljana’s botanical gardens and numerous parks. You can also venture on the 35-km circular path called “Walk along the Wire”, an annual event commemorating the occupation of Ljubljana in WW2. It’s probably the best way to feel Ljubljana’s small yet versatile character from different viewpoints.

Tivoli Park Ljubljana
Tivoli Park Ljubljana

Ljubljana in June  

Summertime is knocking on Ljubljana’s door in June. The heat in on! Well, the temperatures are steadily climbing and the weather is sweet. June is already a time for booking your Ljubljana holidays and accommodations in advance. It’s advisable to make arrangements before the end of school (3rd week of June), because as the springboard city for exploring Slovenia, visitors to Ljubljana should consider discovering the country’s highlights before the summer season. In terms of events, Ljubljana in June welcomes the Jazz Festival and the start of the Ljubljana Festival as well as other lively goings-on that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Ljubljana promenade by the river
Ljubljana promenade by the river

Ljubljana in July  

The first scorching month is here. Although many locals migrate to the mountains or the Croatian coast, July in Ljubljana is still very busy. Expect the riverside to be jam-packed with tourists and something happening on every major street and square in Ljubljana. But when the hustle and bustle get too much, you can always retreat to Ljubljana’s amazing countryside. Yes, rural areas with lush forests and picturesque villages are a bike ride away.

Ljubljana bike tour in old town
Ljubljana bike tour

Ljubljana in August  

Another hot month in Ljubljana, August is also prone to quite a few random showers and summer storms. The mountains are calling this time of year, and many locals answer that call. But prices rise and accommodations become scarce as Ljubljana becomes a transit destination for waves of European tourists who stop off here on their way to the coast. Staying in Ljubljana in August supplies you with a great deal of outdoor activities and opportunities to mingle in the lively cafes and open markets. Music festivals are another trend passed on from July, so be ready to get your groove on.

Musicians in Ljubljana
Musicians in Ljubljana

Ljubljana in September   

The kids are back in school and the weather is still pleasant and stable in Ljubljana and the mountains without the sporadic summer storms. With the number of tourists dropping significantly, September is perfect for hiking and mountain climbing, cycling, etc., and sightseeing around Ljubljana becomes less hectic, and accommodation prices also begin their steady decline.   

Hiking in the Alps

Ljubljana in October   

The weather starts to cool and autumn enters Ljubljana in all its pretty colours. Due to favourably mild weather conditions, October in Ljubljana is also the busiest month. But do pack an umbrella, as October is the wettest month. That said, visiting the city’s attractions is much easier without the summer crowds of tourists, which might make October the ultimate time to visit Ljubljana. Grape harvest begins and wine is served at numerous interesting events. The Ljubljana Marathon kicks off and the Festival of Slovenian Film is open for business.

Panorama of Ljubljana in autumn
Panorama of Ljubljana in autumn

Ljubljana in November

November is cold but quiet. It’s when Ljubljana is least crowded and most affordable. St Martin’s day brings delicious wines to Ljubljana’s street stands and festivals are everywhere, including the Ljubljana Wine route, where locals and tourists mingle over a tasty glass of wine. All Saints Day lights up the cemeteries to create a peaceful spiritual atmosphere. 

Wine tasting Ljubljana
Wine tasting

Ready for the time of your life?

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