Traditional Slovenian pastry – Potica

A festive traditional pastry, which is the most famous and the most popular Slovenian authentic dessert.

Potica is arguably the most famous and the most popular Slovenian authentic dessert. It’s a rolled pastry made of leavened dough filled with a wide selection of fillings. Every household, or at least family, has someone, usually an older female, who knows how to make some type of Potica. It’s a tradition that’s passed down through the generations and is still going very strong in the rural parts of the country. The oldest records of potica date back to 1689. Making potica is a rather artistic venture and not an easy one at all. You need to strike the perfect balance of dough and filling, which can only be mastered through experience. More than 80 types of fillings exist, but the most common potica is made with walnut, hazelnut, tarragon, poppy seed and cottage cheese. This super Slovene dessert requires a special baking mould called “potičnik”, which roughly translates to “poticamaker”. It has a conical protrusion in the middle that helps form the potica’s iconic shape. You can find potica anywhere in the country and you’ll probably get a slice of it at the Open Kitchen in Ljubljana. A recipe is also easy to find, so making potica at home should be fun!

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